Going To Turkey With... ONE DIRECTION

Melanie is so excited about going to Antalya in Turkey. She has been planning this trip in her mind for months. She was hoping to meet a cute boy down by the pool, get a tan on the sunbeds, and go swimming in the sea. But what she actually ends up doing is far more exciting than a normal abroad holiday!


10. The Plan

"What are we going to do?" says Harry, angrily. "He can't just leave like that, we have a music video to make!"

"I know. I hope he just admits he's sorry. Then we can just get on with it," says Zayn sadly.

"Yeah," we all mutter, but we all know he won't.

We are all quiet for a few minutes. The cogs in my brain are going round and round and round for an idea.

Round and round and round and round and round....

"Hey! I have a solution! It probably won't work though," I say.

"Oh, I'm sure it's good. Go on, tell us," says Niall, encouragingly. I smile at him.

"Okay, well, here goes. Liam's just gone off hasn't he?" I plan.

They all nod. "And it's kind of obvious he's not coming back,"

They all nod again, broke that I've finally said that.

"Well, we can still do the video, but we just will have a Liam look-a-like in the video. You've already recorded the song, so the look-a-like will mouth the words just like you guys," I say. Dilemma solved.

They all think, yeah, that'll work!

Harry perks up. "But the camera always zooms in to the face of the person singing,"

"Well, we'll ask the camera-men not to," Zayn says.

"Dilemma solved," I say, without a doubt.

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