Going To Turkey With... ONE DIRECTION

Melanie is so excited about going to Antalya in Turkey. She has been planning this trip in her mind for months. She was hoping to meet a cute boy down by the pool, get a tan on the sunbeds, and go swimming in the sea. But what she actually ends up doing is far more exciting than a normal abroad holiday!


3. The Big Day

I wake to the sound of my alarm clock, drilling away at my ears. It's 1 o'clock in the morning so I slump back into my pillow, the smell of lavender at my nose. I instantly jolt out of bed, knowing that I only have a couple of hours left until I get on my plane to fly to Turkey!

* * *

I'm just in security and it is pretty cool. I can't wait to get on that aeroplane though!

* * *

I am sitting on the plane right now, and the flight attendants are going through the fire safety rules and all that stuff. Four and a half more hours to go. I get out my trusty "The Ultimate Natural Beauty Book by Josephine Fairley." I've been through it many times before, so it's all ripped and battered and chewed by my dog, Rusty. I start reading my book and the words drown out the voices of the flight attendants. 

I am the seat nearest the front so I have a look at the people in my surroundings.

My mum is sitting next to me, and on the other side of mum is my dad. Dad has the window seat, and he is forever looking out of it with wide eyes and exclaiming annoying phrases like: "Wow! Look at the view!", "Oh my gosh! We are going higher!" or "Look at this Mel! Look at the view! Amazing!"

Melanie. That's my name. I should have explained it before. Well here, I'm Melanie! My dad wanted to name me Lucy, but my mum thought that was such a common name. She had other ideas. She wanted to call me Melanie after the famous Melanie Ann Sykes, the famous TV Presenter and model born in the 1970's. My mum adored her, and her and dad settled on 'Melanie.' Everyone calls me Mel now, even my teachers. Some kids in my school don't even know my name is Melanie. It's always 'Mel', and I'm happy with that.

Mum is sitting in the middle of me and dad, and after a while dad quietens down and mum relaxes. They both fall asleep within the first hour of the flight.

In the aisle next to us, sits a very fat man, reading a dieting magazine.

Good for him, I think.

In front of us, two flight attendants are talking. I eavesdrop into their conversation. 

"There's this lively young boy in the first class area of the plane," one of the flight attendants says. She has a long face and a small nose. She's also extremely tall and looks quite old.

"And...?" The other says, she is quite small, with her blonde hair tied back into a bun.

"Well, don't tell anyone," she whispers. It is hard to hear her now, but I am so locked up into their conversation, I lift my hearing up just a notch. "But," she continues. "This young guy, is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. They are all there in first class." She says. The small flight attendant drops her gawpy mouth. So do I. She continues chatting to the small attendant. But I'm not listening now. One Direction? On the same plane as me? Going to Turkey?

I suddenly feel the urge to go the the loo. I stand outside of the door, waiting for the person on the other side to come out. It is a small old lady with glasses. She smiles at me while she makes her way down the aisle to get back to her seat.

While I'm washing my hands there's a rap at the door. 

"Hang on, I'll be out in a minute!" I shout.

The knocking continues.

"Blinkin' Nora! I said I'd be out in a minute!" I yell.

The tapping at the door stops.

I open the door to find the angry-looking, upset, cute face of...

Liam Payne.

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