Going To Turkey With... ONE DIRECTION

Melanie is so excited about going to Antalya in Turkey. She has been planning this trip in her mind for months. She was hoping to meet a cute boy down by the pool, get a tan on the sunbeds, and go swimming in the sea. But what she actually ends up doing is far more exciting than a normal abroad holiday!


4. Talking To Liam

"No way!" I manage. "Your Liam Payne, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am. Actually, can I ask you something? After I've gone to the loo, I'm desperate," he says, pulling a face. I laugh.

"Oh, about that, I'm sorry for, erm, shouting at you," I apologize.

"Don't worry, we'll talk in a minute," he smiles. "Now I'll be out in a sec..." he says, walking into the toilet door.

I let him walk in. Is this a dream? I pinch myself.

"Ouch!" I yell. The old lady in First Class looks up from her book.

"Sorry," I whisper.

She nods her head, as if to say, that's more like it.

In the next ten seconds, Liam comes out.

"Hi, erm, I didn't catch your name?" He says, looking at me with his intense, hazel-coloured eyes.

"Melanie. Melanie Windshot." I whisper.

"What was that? Melanie? That's a lovely name. When I was little I used to have dreams about a girl called Melanie. I'm Liam, Liam Payne."

"I know, I'm a big fan of you," I say, a little more confident as Liam was being very friendly.

"Oh! So, why are you going to Turkey?" He says. I want to ask him the same thing! Maybe he has a photo shoot there, or One D is making a music video there?"

"Oh! I'm on a family holiday for a month, we are staying in Lara Beach Hotel. Why are you here?" I say.

"The boys and I are shooting a music video there. Actually-" He says. He tilts his head, looking at mine. "You could do the job. We needed a girl, preferably fifteen or sixteen to be in the music video for 'What Makes You Beautiful.' You'd be brilliant for it!"

I nearly die with astonishment. "Me? You want me to be in your music video?"

"Yes, Yes! Come with me, I'll introduce you to the boys. Melanie was it?" I nod. "Great!"

I was so excited! I was going to meet One Direction! Liam led me into the First Class area, and there, in their seats, playing cards was...


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