Going To Turkey With... ONE DIRECTION

Melanie is so excited about going to Antalya in Turkey. She has been planning this trip in her mind for months. She was hoping to meet a cute boy down by the pool, get a tan on the sunbeds, and go swimming in the sea. But what she actually ends up doing is far more exciting than a normal abroad holiday!


7. Journey

I break the news to the boys, Harry first. They all whoop with joy. I feel they relate to me, already! 

I play a few card games with Niall, it turns out he is so competitive!

The flight attendants tell us to go back to our seats and strap ourselves in as the plane is landing.

Zayn told me that One Direction were staying on Floor 5 in Lara Beach Hotel.

"That's where we are staying!" I say.

"Great! Well, how about we meet you at our door. Here I'll give you our door number," he says, while fishing out a scrap of paper and a pen from his pocket. 

"Room 537. Okay?" He tells me.

"Great. See you outside of your door at say, seven?" I ask.

"That's fine with me! See you there," he says walking off to his seat where Louis was waving at him.

Wow, I thought. This is gonna be an adventure.


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