Going To Turkey With... ONE DIRECTION

Melanie is so excited about going to Antalya in Turkey. She has been planning this trip in her mind for months. She was hoping to meet a cute boy down by the pool, get a tan on the sunbeds, and go swimming in the sea. But what she actually ends up doing is far more exciting than a normal abroad holiday!


8. Hotel

We arrive at the hotel on a bus.

When we get there, the hotel people give us a small talk.

While this is happening, I look up. Wow, I think. This is amazing. I can see all of the floors as the ceiling on the eighth floor was shown. I whisper to mum that I was going to our room and she gives me the card. I press the button for the lift and step in. The lift goes up, and I look at the people below me.

I swipe the card to get into our room, and step in. The beds are covered in rose petals, chocolates and, the best bit is, there is a small elephant, made out of two towels.

"One month in an amazing hotel, kissing Harry Styles, meeting One D. Boy, this is gonna be an amazing summer!" I say out loud.

I look at the clock on the wall above the fridge. 6 O'Clock, it says. I take out a can of coke from the fridge and start getting ready to meet One D.

I throw on my leggings, high-collared top, and high tops. I slap on some lippy, mascara, and blush for a natural look.

By the time I have tied my bracelet around my wrist, it is nearly 7 O'Clock. I grab a pen and a piece of paper and write a note to mum.

Hi mum and dad! 

Hope you like the room! It's amazing, isn't it?

I'm just going to meet Zayn (and 1D). I'll be back about nine, okay?

If you want me earlier, just send me a text or ring me.

Mel x :)

I put the note on the elephants trunk. 

I make my way to Room 537 and knock on the door.

"Hi Mel!" Are Zayn's first words.

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