Give Your Heart A Break (One Direction Love Story)

This is about a 17 year old girl named Marleni "Leni" Rodriguez. She is a singer, dancer, actress, you name it. Her dad is now the new manger for 1D. She's now touriing with them and getting closer to some specific people. Will her past get into the way of her new-found love? Or did it already? She wants to live a normal life.

Normal life my butt. (;


4. Trouble

I stayed quiet for the whole ride back to the hotel they were staying at. I was SO frustrated with him. I even found out that I won't even be able to see him throughout SIX months because the tour is that long. Throughout the thinking of anger we pull up to this huge beeautiful hotel.At the side I see that it is four stars. Now,I KNOW I will hate this even more...paparazzi. As soon as I step out I get crowded with a bunch of flashes and talking.I quickly get my bag and run to the door of the place. I run through the doors and nearly trip as soon as I enter because they are still on my heels.I quickly get up and run straight. I have no idea where I'm going until the manager of the hotel awaits me at the elevator. I run as fast as I can and fall into the elevator. The doors close and I'm helped and greeted by the manager."I'm so sorry miss Marleni. We'll have them out as soon as possible.Your father will get through just fine." He looks up and then down. Like he's not impressed by what I'm wearing."What?" "Nothing..." I'm just wearing skinny jeans and a sleevless shirt with a checkered button up over it with my sunglasses and bracelets over my arms and my duffle bag.After thinking what could be wrong we walk out of the elevator."Here you go miss Marleni,The penthouse."
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