Give Your Heart A Break (One Direction Love Story)

This is about a 17 year old girl named Marleni "Leni" Rodriguez. She is a singer, dancer, actress, you name it. Her dad is now the new manger for 1D. She's now touriing with them and getting closer to some specific people. Will her past get into the way of her new-found love? Or did it already? She wants to live a normal life.

Normal life my butt. (;


9. The "IT" Couple

Ive been somewhat happy since got back from the Robin Williams Show.I was devestated of what the people said.but,liam was there for me.I couldn't help but smile when he kissed. I haven't been this happy,ever. We are now together. To know what can happen in one day. After he kissed me he sent me back to the hotel. I couldn't stop smiling on the way here.Right now I'm laying I'm my bed, Reading a book that I got at the airport before I the flight. I put on the speaker of my iPod,low enough that I can still concentrate on the book. I hear a knock on thedoor.I got up and found liam in the doorway.I smiled,and he smiled back. He walked in the room,closed the door,and put his arms around my waist."You okay,love?" he asks me."yeah,I'm fine." he looked into my eyes and I looked into his.He has brown eyes.I see them sparkle when the sun shines through. He leans in and almost kisses me. My dad opens the door and we quickly seperate, leaving a big amount or space betelween us. "Marleni, Liam,would you mind if you talk to the press outside? They want you two to explain this.*hold up picture that shows us kissing out side the studio*" Me and Liam look at each other."No,we wouldnt mind Marlon." Liams says lime he is afraid of what my father might say. We wAlk out and once im outside the room,my dad whispers something into his ear. I wonder what it was but i already hAve an idea. When we go to the lobby paparazzis come from all directions."So,Leni, is it true?" i look at liam,he looks Back. Then,we lock hands.
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