Give Your Heart A Break (One Direction Love Story)

This is about a 17 year old girl named Marleni "Leni" Rodriguez. She is a singer, dancer, actress, you name it. Her dad is now the new manger for 1D. She's now touriing with them and getting closer to some specific people. Will her past get into the way of her new-found love? Or did it already? She wants to live a normal life.

Normal life my butt. (;


10. NoWhere Near Safe Anymore

"Thats right, it's official." Liam says,smiling at me.I smile back.After we take a few more questions we head back up. We go in and head to our rooms.we go opposite ways.he goes left,I go right. Before I reach my room I hear shouts, saying congrats. I smile at the thought. To know that I have someone,who actullay likes me. For me,not the fame.The next morning I wake up at 5am. I put on my shorts and t-shirt and head out for a morning run.I put my hair up,get my bottle and walk outside. I start walking,remembering the sites I see so I know how to come back. I walk down this neighborhood street. Everyone leaving for work. After 4blocks I see an alley.I go around it and a hand quickly covers my mouth and grabs me and drags me in the dark alley. I see a face.It's my worst ex boyfriend josh. He pulls me through a door and throws me to the ground. I Land with a thump and groan in pain on the dirty floor. "its nice to see you again,Leni."
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