Give Your Heart A Break (One Direction Love Story)

This is about a 17 year old girl named Marleni "Leni" Rodriguez. She is a singer, dancer, actress, you name it. Her dad is now the new manger for 1D. She's now touriing with them and getting closer to some specific people. Will her past get into the way of her new-found love? Or did it already? She wants to live a normal life.

Normal life my butt. (;


8. Devastation

"People always thought of me consided or selfish.They didn't reLly like me." "well well,that's a surprise. But,would you like to know what your friends thought of you?" "I can't reLly. Call them friends because I've always known that every "friend" I have always ends uP stabbing me in the back." "Well Leni,would you like to know what they think?" "I know it's not gonna be good but,I'd like to yes." *play video* Friend1-Leni is. Lying,stupid bitch.Friend2-she thinks she's better than everyone.BestestFriend- Leni is a slut all the way.shes consided and she's a lying bitch.she isnt a true friend.Shes fat and she needs to know that no likes a her small sorry ass. She the worst friend.i wouldn't even call her a friend.i would rather live with lions than to be friends with her for another moment.I started tearing. More and more of those videos were popping up of oh ima bit h ima slut I'm fat I'm ugly. I couldn't stand it anymore."I can't do this ANYMORE!*leaves stage crying* "well be right back." I started walking outside.Pacing back and forth trying to hold in the tears.but I couldn't. All my life I've been putting up with that. Liam comes out of the building towards me.he looks worried.he comes up to me,grabs my shoulders and turns me towards him. "Leni," "what do you want liam?i just want to be alone.why can't you see that?" "because you can't go through this alone." I look up to him and we lock eyes.he pulls me in closer.his hands are around my hips and somehow my arms are around his neck.he leans in.So do I.we lean in even closer."I will never let you go through this alone"Liam says. Even closer this time.and then...
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