Give Your Heart A Break (One Direction Love Story)

This is about a 17 year old girl named Marleni "Leni" Rodriguez. She is a singer, dancer, actress, you name it. Her dad is now the new manger for 1D. She's now touriing with them and getting closer to some specific people. Will her past get into the way of her new-found love? Or did it already? She wants to live a normal life.

Normal life my butt. (;


13. 13

I stand there, looking at these five boys' faces filled with anger. I honestly don't know why. I slowly start to walk to my room when Liam grabs my elbow. He looks at me, disappointed. I shrug off his tight grip and resume to my room. I shut the door slowly get into bed and stare at the wall. I have so many thoughts going through my head right now. So stressed and tired of all this with Josh and my dad and soon to come, Liam. I start sobbing. The tears stream down my face, flowing like waves, one by one and they never stop. Thinking of what i have gone through has been so unfair. I know the sayin"life isn't fair" but, does it have to be this unfair? I just want to have a normal career and live a happy and memorable life. But i don't want to remember it like this. A girl who made a mistake by going out with a total psycho-path. Leading to depression and feeling of no safety. I have no life. Why am I even alive if all i'm gonna do is suffer through heartbreak and endless pain. At the thought of this I sob even harder. It's the only noise in the room. I can hear my sobs echo back on the walls. I can't take this. I don't deserve this. I walk to the bathroom and lock the door. I search through my personal bag to get my old friend. He's even shinier than ever. I missed him so much. I'm glad i have him back. And then, I swipe my little friend over my wrist, just to let out a horrible, schreeching scream.

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