16 year old Stella Parr had been waiting for this summer for months. To get away, and just be in the sun, sea and sand. But another surprise was in store for her.


4. Under the sheets

Once we got into Alisha's beautiful villa, we went up to our own rooms. Seeing as we went here every summer, Alisha, Megan and I, we actually had our own rooms, and a floor each. I was on the very top, with a bathroom, and a huge bedroom with a double bed, a big painted oak white wardrobe, with matching dressers. I had a dressing table and a decent sized walk in wardrobe. I loved this room so much. It had cream walls, with pale blue accesories. The bed was soft, and fluffy white, with silk and cotton pale blue pillows bundled on top. I had a pale blue fluffy rug and little fairy lights hanging on the double door hinged leading out onto my balcony. Oh yes, I had a balcony as well which I spent most of my time out in. My bathroom was decent sized, pale blue walls with a big white bath, which I could also use as a shower. It also had a big mirror above the sink, and a toilet of course. I was on the very top floor, Megan was on the second floor, with the same facilites as me but not as big a room, and a different colour scheme and layout, but a bigger bathroom and also a balcony. Alisha was on the ground floor, with her massive bedroom, huge bathroom and also the kitchen, another small bathroom, living room and a terrace. She liked being on the ground floor because she hates balconies. I spent a few hours unpacking my stuff and just letting the hot sun rays melt down through the glass doors onto my light pine floor. After that, I went downstairs and sat in the kitchen with the girls who were drinking fresh lemonade. Alisha's parents had come here 2 days before to stock us up on food and drink to keep us going for 4 weeks. 'We should go for a midnight swim in the pool tonight!' Megan suggested, as we all smiled and agreed. 'Yeah, i'll get the pool volleyball net out, I love playing that in the water' Alisha said, as we laughed. The pool was beautiful. It was enormous, and it glistened clear blue all day everyday. This place was literally heaven, and it gave us the break we needed every year.

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