16 year old Stella Parr had been waiting for this summer for months. To get away, and just be in the sun, sea and sand. But another surprise was in store for her.


3. This Love

I looked up to see Kyle standing there with an innocent smile on his face. ' you can sit there' I mumbled. 'Thanks' He replied as he took a seat. 'So, ever been to Italy?' He asked. Why was he making conversation?He made me feel awkwward and nervous. 'Yeah, yeah a couple of times' I said a bit more confidently. 'You?' I asked. 'Yeah once, my friend James over there has a holiday home, so me, him and Harry go' I looked to see 2 boys waving at me, obviously James and Harry. I laughed and waved back. 'Oh, hello!' Alisha giggled, as she turned around to see me and Kyle. 'You must be Kyle' Megan laughed cheekily.

He laughed back. 'Yeah, thats me' After about an hour, I started to get to know Kyle a bit better, and he seemed like a really nice guy. 'So wheres your friends house?' He asked me. I racked my brains, trying to remember. 'Bella Vista!' I replied. 'Isn't that next to Casa Bianca?' He said. 'Erm, yeah, yeah I think so' I replied. A wide smile grew on his lips. 'Thats our house!'

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