16 year old Stella Parr had been waiting for this summer for months. To get away, and just be in the sun, sea and sand. But another surprise was in store for her.


5. The Writer

It got to 11pm and we decided to go in the pool, so I chose a oeach coloured ruffly bikini, and put my hair up into a messy bun, while I hurried outside. 'What took you so long!' Megan said laughing, whilst her and Alisha were standing on the edge of the pool waiting for me. 'Sorry, sorry!' I apologized, as we took each others hands and prepared to jump in. '3..' Megan said. '2..' Alisha squealed. '1!' I shouted as we jumped in a heap of giggles and shock aas the cold water encased itself around every inch of my body, the softness of it smoothing over my skin. I smiled as I rose to the surface, and steadied my vision to see Alisha and Megan rubbing their eyes and laughing. 'You can't beat the first jump in!' Alisha laughed. We spent a couple of hours just playing around, splashing each other and playing volleyball. At about 2am, we got out and Alisha and Megan dashed inside, while I took my time. I walked past the little hedge that separated our house from next door and spotted...Kyle? He was just circling their pool, kicking a stone if he passed one. I met his eyes and smiled. He gave me a little wave, and I quickly hurried inside as I remembered I was only in my bikini, dripping wet.

He still looked good as ever though.

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