16 year old Stella Parr had been waiting for this summer for months. To get away, and just be in the sun, sea and sand. But another surprise was in store for her.


2. Starry Eyed

'I..I'm Stella' I spoke, nearly speechless. 'Stella, come on!' I heard Alisha in the distance call my name. 'You going to Italy?' He asked. 'Yeah, why?' I said, more confident. 'So am I, maybe i'll see you there' He winked as he walked off with his 2 also good looking friends. I laughed to myself, Italy was a whole country, i'd never see him again.

'He was gorgeous!' Megan winked as I laughed. 'Yeah' I laughed along quietly, as we went and sat down in a little cafe in terminal 4. After a few hours, it was time to board the plane, and we got on quite quickly and calmly. Once we'd sat down, Megan and Alisha sat next to each other, and I sat by myself behind them. I didn't really mind, I liked being left alone in peace, and having some space.

'Excuse me, is this seat taken?'  I heard a familiar voice say.

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