16 year old Stella Parr had been waiting for this summer for months. To get away, and just be in the sun, sea and sand. But another surprise was in store for her.


1. Guns and Horses

'Stella! Get up, you have 15 minutes to get ready before the girls come!' They were the words of my mum, reminding me that I was going to my best friend Alisha's holiday home in Italy today. A wide smile danced on my lips as I threw back my covers, and hurried into the bathroom to get ready. I put my long, wavy brown hair in a messy bun, and applied a little bit of makeup. I looked in my wardrobe at what clothes remained, if they weren't in my suitcase. I wanted something comfy for the flight, so I just put on some leggings and a knitted top. I grabbed my sunglasses off the side and chucked them in my hand luggage. I looked at myself in the mirror, adjusting my hair, and pulling at my top. I was never happy with my appearance, I had long brown naturally wavy hair, which took about 20 minutes to brush, and it was a nightmare. I had boring brown eyes, I was quite tanned and and I was just average to be honest. I sighed, as I wished I looked like one of those flawless girls who looked amazing no matter what.

The doorbell rang, and I grabbed my handbag, and hauled my suitcase difficulty down the stairs. I saw Alisha standing at the door with a grin, you could tell she was excited for this holiday. Megan was in the back seat of Alisha's convertable., waving and smiling. 'Stella!' Alisha squealed with happiness and she gave me a big hug. 'Oh my god, we need this holiday!' She said, as I laughed and said goodbye to my mum.

Once we got to the airport, we had to go and check in our luggage. Alisha and Megan checked theirs in, and I desperatley tried to lift my suitcase onto the conveyor belt. It was no use, it was just too heavy. 'Here, let me help you with that' I heard a smooth, enchanting voice speak out. I turned around to see a boy, probably my age. He was gorgeous. He had big, ocean blue eyes, perfectly tanned skin, glossy white teeth, messy, blonde hair. 'Oh..erm..thanks' I stuttered as I took in this image of pure beauty. 'I'm Kyle' He grinned.

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