Summer just couldn't get any better

On the last day of school before the summer holidays, Bethany meets her favourite boy group ever... She enjoys the full day with them, but will people believe her or will they bully her for "lying"... Will she see them again? Or will they forget her forever?!


2. Tell Me A Lie

Mr. Jay drops me off at the bus stop where we see Beckie dancing around. I guess she's listening to One Direction. She's doing her One Direction dance. Beckie is very talented at dancing. Like what I am with singing. But she knows she's talented. I don't. I just get told I am talented. Mr. Jay stops the car. I open the door and get out. "Thanks, Mr. Jay." I give him a smile. "No problem, Beth. Hello, Beckie." He gives Beckie a wave and she comes over to the car to see him. She has a smile on her face. "Hiya, sir. You alright, sir?" Mr. Jay nods and smiles. "Yes, Beckie I am as good as them dance moves you have just been showing off there." Beckie goes bright red, as if she didn't even know she was doing any dance moves. She smiles. "Right, well I will see you two girls at school then." And with that Mr. Jay drives off. Leaving me and Beckie standing at the edge of the path. When Mr. Jay's car is out of sight, I turn to Beckie and she turns to me. I shake my head, and she laughs. "What are you like?" I say. She shrugs. "It's not me, it is my phone!" Beckie explains. I nod. We start walking down the path.


*Buzz buzz* My phone buzzed with another text message. A one of Jason. Beckie's boyfriend. It said. "Tell Beckie to answer her phone, please, Beth. :) x" I give Beckie a nudge and show her the text. She shakes her head and goes into her bag and grabs out her phone. 17 missed calls. 5 voice mails. 4 text messages. 3 emails. 2 tweets. 1 facebook notification. All from Jason... Wonder what he wants. Beth put her phone to her ear. Jason answers with a, "Hello Baby. Oh no, even babies can answer phones." Beckie and Jason argue a bit over the phone call, and I just giggle. Beckie hangs up. "What's his problem?" I ask her. Beckie shrugs. "Something to do with, I will text you all day long but I cannot even answer a phone call to him." I roll my eyes. "Will he ever get the fact that one, sisters come before misters any day of the week. And two, you always have your phone on silent recently?" Beckie shrugs her shoulders. "I don't know but he better realise soon, otherwise me and him are going to fall out, big time!" I laugh as her and Jason falling out "big time" is her ignoring Jason for a night and then Jason coming to hers with chocolate and a new film, and them two making out for 110 minutes. My phone starts to ring- the ringtone being tell me a lie by one direction.. Of course it is just my mum, so I start singing the words to tell me a lie, to greet her. Beckie starts doing her one direction dance. "Darling, I cannot make it to your preformance tonight." Oh.

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