Summer just couldn't get any better

On the last day of school before the summer holidays, Bethany meets her favourite boy group ever... She enjoys the full day with them, but will people believe her or will they bully her for "lying"... Will she see them again? Or will they forget her forever?!


5. Save You Tonight

I was not on the phone that long, but yet Mr. Jay has disappeared, along with the boys. Hmmmm, they couldn't of got far. I walk around looking round where they could be hiding. No where in the hall... They definitley didn't walk past me when I was on the phone to Beckie. They must of went back stage. I climb up the stairs onto the stage and through to backstage. I could hear Niall's irish laugh. It is the cutest laugh ever! I actually am being serious. Niall is nowhere to be seen though... And there isn't very many places to hide backstage... Unless, they are in the dressing rooms, but if that was the case, I wouldn't be able to hear Nialls laugh... Hmmm... I can't give up trying to find them, but I honestly cannot find them. I grab my phone out of my pocket, and type in Beckie's number, put my phone to my ear and let it ring. Beckie wouldn't answser. I checked the time. It was 8.55. Form class. So she will have her phone of silent. Great. I stand there just looking at my phone. It was silent, I couldn't even hear Nialls laugh anymore. It was silent for at least thirty seconds then out of nowhere, "BOOOO!!" I jumped and screamed. I think if I had jumped an inch higher I would of banged my head off the ceiling. There was Niall and Louis lying on the floor laughing as loud as they could. Harry and Liam standing there pointing at me and laughing. Mr. Jay and Zayn just shaking their heads while laughing...I felt myself go bright red. "Thanks guys, love you too." I couldn't help but laugh though. It kind of was really funny. "Aw, bless you, Beth. You should of heard your shriek," said Liam. "And saw how high you jumped," said Harry. Louis and Niall stood back up, took one look at me and fell back down on the floor laughing, again. Zayn came over and give me a hug and said, "Aw, bless you Beth." Oh, Zayn does give nice hugs.


Ten minutes later, when Louis and Niall were able to stand up and take more than just one look at me without falling to the floor in hysterics, I got a hug off them. "Sorry, Beth. But it was quite funny," said Louis. I laughed and nodded and said, "Aw it is fine, Louis." He give me a hug then dashed off somewhere. I didn't bother asking where. It was Louis Tomlinson, he could of went anywhere. Zayn and Niall rolled their eyes and Liam and Harry laughed, "Off on another adventure, I am guessing," they all say at the same time. Randomly, Liam screams. We then realised that Liam doesn't like spoons, as that is what he was screaming at. I hear myself asking Liam, "Why do you not like spoons so much?" Niall and Harry and Zayn all laugh and Liam goes red, and goes, "I just a have a phobia of spoons, I always have. Since I was little. It's weird." I nod, agreeing that it is weird. Harry snorts, "It is very weird, and very annoying when we go to restaraunts or eat ice cream. We don't know how we can help get him over his little phobia, it is very weird." And Niall finishes off saying, "Very weird indeed." I laugh. Zayn shakes his head then goes skipping off the same way that Louis went. "Where is he off to?" Harry and Liam and Niall shrug their shoulders, "Probably off to see where Louis went," Liam says. Niall and Harry agree with him. Then they just burst into song of Save You Tonight.

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