Summer just couldn't get any better

On the last day of school before the summer holidays, Bethany meets her favourite boy group ever... She enjoys the full day with them, but will people believe her or will they bully her for "lying"... Will she see them again? Or will they forget her forever?!


13. I would.

"Yeah, something must be troubling him, Beth. We've known Niall for ages now, and he's never ever been like this with anyone... Ever. This is just totally out of character for him." Harry said, smiling a little smile at me. I smiled back, but it was a really pathetic smile, because I was still crying my eyes out.

Zayn suddenly started typing really fast on his iPhone. I walked over to him and slipped his phone out of his hands, he tried to fight back to get it, but then gave up. I read the message aloud. "Niall, Dude, you've got this girl in tears over you man. why couldn't you of just been a man, grow a pair and tell her that you're too scared to commit?!" A shock wave flew through me. Niall Horan wasn't in fact trying to be horrible. He is just scared of commitment in a relationship. I sniffled, and opened my mouth to speak, but before I could Zayn read my mind and explained, "Yeah, I knew yous were going out. I found out as soon as yous came back to school after apparently running errands and resting before the show. He told me how he thought he loved you, but then at like 11pm last night, he couldn't sleep because he was freaking out about how he has never had a proper relationship before and that he was scared to commit to anyone, and that he cared about you soo much that he didn't want you getting any hate messages off our fans. To be honest, his intentions were sweet and understandable. The way he acted though, was rather uncalled for."

I stood there in absolute shock.

Niall was scared of commitment.

He broke the promise of not telling anyone about our relationship just yet.

I can't believe he said that he was scared of commitment. Well, I'm scared of people lying and breaking promises to me, but I'm not kicking off calling him a man-whore, am I? 

"You angry?" Zayn asked. He had noticed I had went silent, and by my facial expression I look really annoyed. 

"No. I'm livid."


"He lied to me, he broke his promise to me, he called me names, and he didn't explain why he did any of those things."

"Yeah, but he did have a reason for doing them"

"Saying he is scared of commitment, is not a good enough reason to call me a slag."

"She's got a point Zayn, it isn't a good enough reason. And even if it was, it wouldn't of been good enough, because you told her, not him. For all we know, you could be lying for him." Louis explained. I hadn't even thought that Zayn could be lying for Niall. Zayn doesn't seem like the type of boy who would lie. He's too sweet!

"Can yous please just leave me now? I just want to be alone!" I shouted, tears springing to my eyes, that he might of just been calling me it because that's what he thinks of me. I can't stand this anymore.

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