Summer just couldn't get any better

On the last day of school before the summer holidays, Bethany meets her favourite boy group ever... She enjoys the full day with them, but will people believe her or will they bully her for "lying"... Will she see them again? Or will they forget her forever?!


10. Heart Attack

*Beth's diary*


I cannot believe it. I have a boyfriend. And it isn't any of them dweebs from my school. It's a genuinely nice boy from one direction. It is in fact, the Irish leprechaun, Niall. I am so happy. 

The concert went amazing. By the time me and Niall checked the time and left the coast it was an hour before the concert and I needed to get ready. I got ready in time to go onto stage and sing my little heart out. With Beckie in the crowd videoing the performance for my Mum, and Niall in the crowd smiling at me, and the rest of the boys dancing away to the song, the night couldn't of got any better.

The boys did in fact apologise for creeping me out by drooling earlier, which I found very nice. And they promised that they would never ever let my beauty take them onto another planet like that again. 

As soon as the concert finished, everyone left. All the boys, Beckie, every other person in the crowd. Beckie gave me a hug and the video recorder to me before leaving. I went backstage into the dressing room, that was just left with my makeup layed out, my uniform folded up, and my school bag on the chair. I sat in the chair and looked at myself in the mirror, smiled, and then sighed. Then Niall came into the reflection of the mirror, and I jumped. He helped me pack all my stuff, followed me back to my house so I could drop my car off, then he took me out for some dinner. 

Life. Is. Good.




Yeah, this isn't my best work... I just didn't know what to put.... Sorry guys<3

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