Summer just couldn't get any better

On the last day of school before the summer holidays, Bethany meets her favourite boy group ever... She enjoys the full day with them, but will people believe her or will they bully her for "lying"... Will she see them again? Or will they forget her forever?!


12. Change my mind.

Bang bang bang!

There was three loud knocks on the door. But I didn't care. My mum went to see who was knocking so loudly at 8am on a Saturday morning.


"Hey, Mrs. Swan, is Beth home?!"

"Yeah, she's up in her bedroom. May I ask who you four are before I let you into my house to go see my daughter in her room?"

"Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. We're from one direction."

"Oh. Go right on up, her bedroom in the one that has the musical note stickers all over the door."

"Thanks Mrs. Swan"

Tap tap tap

"Go away you guys, I don't want to talk about it." I sniffle.

"But it's the first day of the holidays. We don't want you to be sitting in your room crying, without you telling us what is wrong?"

"How did yous even know to come?"

"Niall said you seemed pretty upset when he bumped into you in the diner."

Oh. So that was his story. Pretty lousy to be honest.


"What's happened?" Louis said, barging through the door and sitting on the bed. The others follow in, Zayn being the last one to come in so he closed the door behind him. Zayn, Harry and Liam all sat on the floor looking up at Louis and Beth. 

Louis brought Beth into a big hug. Biggest mistake. She burst into tears. And told the boys everything. About how she and Niall had got together yesterday. How he'd been an absolute total jerk face today. They all sat there, looking stunned. That didn't sound like the Niall they knew and loved, at all.

"Maybe something is troubling him?"

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