You Found Me

I have a secret. The only people that know is my family and the five most famous boys in the world. It all started with three backstage passes and tickets to their last show in New York in 2013, flour, and the most amazing night of my life.


5. The Concert

   The girls and I really didn't know what to do when the boys came running out singing Live While We're Young. The options were just screaming our heads off, start crying, just start jumping up and down mouthing the words, or singing at the top of our lungs. It came down to jumping up and down mouthing the words. I could just tell Alexis was fighting off the urge to be a directioner.

     I yelled at her, "Don't fight the urge Alexis, just have fun!" She just looked at me and shrugged her shoulder. I could tell she just let go and went crazy. The boys kept on jumping up and just messing around having fun. Though every once and a while they would glance at us. I swear even one time Liam winked at Alexis and all the girls went crazy. So what is up with Liam?

  Liam's POV

      I was looking through the curtains backstage and I noticed this beautiful girl in the front-row. Get your act together Liam you are dating Dani, but she has been ignoring you lately. I will talk to Dani after the concert. I take my attention back to the lads. Niall just started talking and I just tuned him out. I couldn't get the girl out of mind. I started hearing and I knew we only seconds. I decided I would wink at her some time before the Twitter questions.

     Well so far we have sung Fighter by Gym Class Heros and we had to give our best names for a girl's parrot. The next question was a question we have never done before. It was do your best expression of your favorite exotic animal. I did a tiger. I could hear the beautiful girl's sister or friend yelling thats her question. She was lucky I know girls have cried because we didn't pick their Twitter questions. Snobs! Wait what is that around their necks. Oh my fucking god they have backstage passes I get to meet the beautiful girl! The time is going so fast we only have to sing Take Me Home left. Then after that I get to meet her. I will ask her for her Twitter name.

     "Goodnight New York! This was our last stop in America. We will miss you guys!" Harry says slowly into his microphone because of his accent.

     I get to meet this girl, yes! I have a feeling I will like this girl.

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