You Found Me

I have a secret. The only people that know is my family and the five most famous boys in the world. It all started with three backstage passes and tickets to their last show in New York in 2013, flour, and the most amazing night of my life.


3. New York

     I can not believe I am in New York. I know, know I live on east side of Ohio and I haven't been to New York City before. I have been to pretty much any big city on the east coast but New York and Charolette. I have been to even LA, San Fransico, and San Diego on the west coast.

    The past day and a half have gone by so slowly. Yesterday all i did was make my closet messy just trying to find a outfit then i packed, then packed again, and again. Lauren picked us up at 5:45 this morning so we could to the city around 11:30 a.m.

    New York is beautiful all the excitement you can feel in the air. The people hurrying to get to who knows where. The glorious Empire State Building standing tall and proud in the middle of the city. It is so powerfull looking. Well now we are at our hotel. Holy shit it's the St. Regis hotel. Paul must be rich to get us a room here. Well, he is 1D's bodyguard/manager so yeah.

    "Stop daydreaming Ashlynn! Get your luggage we are checking in!" my sister told me.

     A few minutes later. "Here is your key to your room Miss Demain. Have a nice stay," said the bellhop to Lauren.

     "Thank you," Lauren replied.

      As we are in the elevator, which has a guy to push the bottom for you. So I feel like royalty now cha-ching. I ask Lauren "What room are we in?"

      Lauren replies,"Thirteen thirty-two".

      After we got off the elevator we veered off to the right Alexis pointed out "Those rooms eat a lot of food."

      "Well we are staying between those two rooms anyways," Lauren says.

      After that we entered into the room and Lauren took the bed by the bathroom and Alexis and I are sharing the bed by the window. Now I must add that the hotel and the hotel room was beautiful since it is a five-star hotel. Lauren got her shower first then Alexis then I did because I will take the longest. After that, I came out and I must add I loved Alexis and Lauren"s outfits. Lauren was wearing this cream colored tank with gold sequins on it with black short shorts, her gold necklace said dreamer, and Lauren's brownish redish hair was straightend. Alexis was wearing floral top from body central that came just below her belly button with a black sweater over it and jean short shorts with a bedazzled belt, also juicy necklace that was a lock. and her blonde hair was a little bit curled at the bottom with Taylor Swift's new bangs. I was wearing denim/blue/gray dress that had a skinny brown belt, the dress has a little v-neck to it with ruffles. I also was wearing my most proud possesion on which was silver heart gucci necklace.  My hair the only thing on my body that I liked which was blonde/white colored was straightend. I wore just some blush, lipgloss, and mascara, along with my purple glasses.

      "Ready girls?" Lauren asked.

Alexis just nodded her head and I grabbed my wristlet. Then we were off to the best night of my life.

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