You Found Me

I have a secret. The only people that know is my family and the five most famous boys in the world. It all started with three backstage passes and tickets to their last show in New York in 2013, flour, and the most amazing night of my life.


2. I heard One Direction!

   Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo and its no joke to me, so we can we do it all over again-. As his angel like voice filled the air in my room. I some how heard One Direction.

   "Why did I just hear One Direction?" I ask while panting since I ran down the steps. Causing me to get some weird stares from brother Austin and his girlfriend, Lauren, the star of the high school volleyball team who is very nice.

   "I just got off the phone with my dad. He got three front row tickets and three backstage passes to One Direction's final show in New York City at Madison Square Garden. My dad got them because he went to school with their bodyguard/manager Paul and they are best friend's. Also my dad knows I am a directioner, so yeah," said Lauren.

   I swear if it was possible my jaw would have hit the floor. I ask " OH MY GOD!!!!! Who are you taking?"

   "Well my dad already talked to my mom and she can't she has a docters appointment for her shoulder and Molly can't go because she has something she has to do with her family and she isn't really that big of a fan of them. So I am left with two tickets and backstage passes." Lauren said.

   "You are the luckiest girl in the world right now. I would die just to go to a concert for them!" I exclaimed.

   "Yeah I know. Paul even booked us a room in a hotel for us," Lauren added.

   "Just a few questions. One who are you going to take now and two when is the concert?" I ask.

   "I do not know who I am going to take and the concert including today would be three days away so this friday night. So the fifth of this month(August is the month and it is the third of August on a wednesday)," says Lauren.

   "Okay, well cool. I am going to be in my room bye," I say. 


~15 minutes later~

   "Hey Alexis, Ashlynn come down stairs," my mom yelled up the stairs.

   "Yeah hold up I will down in a minute," I return my Mom's call.

   I get up off my bed. When I am walking down the steps I can hear my sister walking down the hall towards my mom I am guessing she in the family room. I finally am in the family room in my chair which i call it. It is is being redish maroon chair with arm-rest.

   "Yes," my sister Alexis says.

   "As you know Ashlynn and now you Alexis will know," as my Mom nods towards her, "Lauren here has two front row seats and two backstage passes to the One Direction concert friday she was wondering if you guys wanted to come with her to the concert. Now she has already talked to her dad and he said yes to you guys coming. Your Dad and I say yes to so would you guys like to come to the concert friday. Now I will like to remind you guys it wil be you guys and Lauren in New York for the night. Like Lauren has said Paul has already booked a room. So do you guys want to go the concert with her?" my Mom asks my sister and I.

   I looked at my sister and she was completely dumbstruck. I am not going to lie i shrieked "YES" at my Mom and Lauren. Then i ran off the chair yelling "Thank you" and hugged both of them. This night was one of my best nights of my life.






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