You Found Me

I have a secret. The only people that know is my family and the five most famous boys in the world. It all started with three backstage passes and tickets to their last show in New York in 2013, flour, and the most amazing night of my life.


4. His eyes

Niall's POV

   I can feel it in my veins, tonight is going to be amazing. I don't know if its because its our last show in America or something is going to happen tonight. I can just feel it.

  "Hey Niall, Lou is ready for you," says Liam barging into my dressing room.

  "Okay," I reply.

   As I walk to get my hair and get my fucking makeup done I can hear baby Lux crying. Okay maybe this night is going all-right so far but I have feeling it will be amazing. I mean Paul being got us rooms at the St. Regis hotel here. Come on the its a five-star fucking hotel. Who wouldn't love it.

   "Hey Lou," I say.

   "Hi ready to get your hair and makeup done?" asks Lou.

   "Yep," I said.

~ 45 Minutes Later~

    I am now looking at the Twitter questions. No, no, no, no, no, did that two concerts ago, maybe, no, no and this is totally going to be funny i have to do this. Oh crap, two minutes till show.

   I tell the stage crew my twitter question and they aprove.

   "Okay boys I have a feeling this is going to be good night so lets rock this stage one final time here in America. Okay?' I ask.

    All the boys just nod there heads and I here the fans scream 5,4,3,2,1,0, and we are on.

Ashlynn's POV

  We got there about there 5:15 and the line was massive. In line we just sang and talked to the fellow Directioners. It took us about twenty minutes to get inside. I got a One Direction shirt that said One Direction on the front and on the back it had the tour places that they stopped at. I also got one with their faces on them. Lauren and Alexis both got shirts, too. We sat down in our seats I sent in my Twitter question which was "Do your best impression of your favorite exotic animal?" Hopefully it gets picked, probably not though. OH MY FUCKING GOD the countdown is playing. It's over the boys are on stage now and I swear for a split second we made eye contact with each other. Oh, his hair was just perfect and his eyes reminded me of my favorite place, which was the ocean. I just knew right there then that this was the best night of my life!


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