Justin bieber lovestory [Engelsk!]

En dejlig historie baseret på justin og en pige der finder ud af noget, histioren er engelsk, og ja sæt den på favorit, like, gør hvad du vil med haters gonna hate du ved, vær sød og dele den hvis du vil <3


3. Chapter 3

Justin: How old are you Taylor: 15 Justin: 15!?!??! Taylor: Yeah why? Justin: You look like your 18 or something Taylor: Nope I'm 15... how old are you? Justin: Really? Taylor: Sorry I usually zone out when Dallas and Juliet start talking about you Justin: Oh well I'm 17 Taylor: Cool Great so he is 2 years older then me meaning he wont go for me... there goes the sweetest guy I have talked to in a year and a half Justin: Favorite color? Taylor: Purple of course Justin: Mine too... favorite food Taylor: Speghetti and Steak I smiled big and then I realized he was staring at me with a ear to ear smile spread across his face Taylor: Why are you smiling? Justin: You are probably the first girl to ever admit her favorite food is steak... Taylor: well I'm from Texas, I don't know about Canada but it is a sin to not love steak in Texas Our smiles got wider Justin: So why'd you move to California Taylor: Because I got signed to Big Machine Records and my manager lives out here and Scooter said he was moving out here and I had to get out of that town as fast as possible so we decided to just movie here instead of Nashville Justin: So you sing? Taylor: Yep Justin: 1) aw no yepperdoodle? And 2) sing for me Taylor: Sorry... Yepperdoodle and I aonly sing if I have Mitchi with me and she isn't here Justin: Who's Mitchi? Taylor: Promise you wont laugh? Justin: I promise Taylor: Mitchi is my guitar Justin: You name your guitars too??!?!?! Taylor: Yeah Justin: I'm not alone!! We were laughing hard until I heard my phone ring and it was Caitlin, I ignored her call, Then she called again and again and again, Finally I answered her 5th call **Phone convo: T: What Cai? C: Where are you?!?!? T: Why? C: He's here T: Who's here C: are you that stupid John is here I saw him talking to some teen boys around Ty's age then he went stomping off outside Right when I heard his name I froze, I could feel my eyes starting to sting and get blurry. Why, why did he have to follow me I wanted to get away from him so I wouldn't get hur- ???: Taylor I know your hear where are you... Get over here Bitch I heard John yelling from outside that garden T: I got to got Cai C: Be safe Tay End of convo** I looked at Justin who looked worried. Taylor: Are you a fast runner? Justin: Um yeah why Taylor: You have 2 options run with me or let me run and you stay and be way more safe away form me Justin: I'm goin with you ???: Bitch I know you aren't hidin from me! Show your ugly ass or you will get it!! I Scoffed as I got up pulled Justin up grabbed my pumps and ran for it. We found a small room in the side of the building, we opened the door and got inside. It was o cramped that the was no gap between me and Justin and I could feel his breath on my lips Justin: Who was that? He asked breathing heavily in a whisper tone Taylor:**whisper** Uh that was John Justin:**whisper** and he is? Taylor:**whisper** an ex Justin:**whisper/yells** who called you a bitch and said you where going to get it?!?!? What kind of boyfriend is that?!?! Taylor: SHHHH**whispers* and an abusive one Justin: WHAT?!?!?!??! Taylor: Hes the reason I had to leave that town as soon as possible. He didn't say any thing else he just wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hug... And I thought we couldn't get any closer we did... just then my phone rang again and I knew it was Caitlin **Phone convo T: Yeah Cai C: I called the cops and they arrested him T: Thank God C: I know right... so where have you been all night Just then I realized Justin was still hugging me T: You know here and there C: You are telling me when you get home T: Yes ma'am End convo** Taylor: so he's gone... we can stay in this tiny closet and have my claustrophobia kick in or we can get out and keep walking or go our separate ways When I said separate ways he hugged me tighter. Taylor: Okay lets scratch the last one Justin: lets go for a walk We were walking silently next to each other for a good 10 minutes Taylor: Come home to me Justin: What? Taylor: The song of yours I couldn't remember the name of... its come home to me Justin: How do you know that song its not even on any of my CD's Taylor: I was on my Laptop when Juliet jumped on me and typed in that song and I actually liked it Justin: Thanks Taylor: My pleasure I got a text from Caitlin that we were going home Taylor: I have to go Justin: did I do something wrong?! Taylor: No my sister texted me saying that we had to go home Justin: Oh well I hope to see you soon Taylor: Give me your phone He gave me his phone I put my number in it and took a picture of me set it as my contact picture and sent my self a text, I gave him his phone back and took a picture him and set it as his contact picture Taylor: I really have to go... but it was enchanting to meet you superstar Justin: you too Tex... and be safe Taylor: I will  I yelled as I ran to the front of the building.

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