Justin bieber lovestory [Engelsk!]

En dejlig historie baseret på justin og en pige der finder ud af noget, histioren er engelsk, og ja sæt den på favorit, like, gør hvad du vil med haters gonna hate du ved, vær sød og dele den hvis du vil <3


2. Chapter 2

I turned around to see Justin Bieber... The Justin Bieber, and no I am not a huge fan I actually on like his songs pray down to earth and born to be somebody because that's my type of music slow and not fast and poppish, but the reason I said 'the Justin Bieber' is because Dallas and Juliet are big fans and that all I really hear them talk about. Tay: Um yeah, yeah it is Justin: Oh sorry I'm Justin Tay: I know... um Taylor I saw as his smile grew wider when I said I know... now he is going to think I am a big fan and then I will have to brake it to him that I only really know about him because of Dallas and Juliet. Justin: So you're a fan eh? Tay: um actually I don't really listen to your music I really only like 3 of your songs but Dallas and Juliet love you. I tried to put that Dallas and Juliet love him because I hate when I see people all sad and dissopionted... and sure enough his smile faded. Jusitn: Oh you only like 3 of my songs out of all of them? Taylor: Yeah... I'm really sorry Justin: Nah you shouldn't be its good to have some nice criticism... so what songs do you like? Taylor: Um Pray Down to Earth Born to be Somebody... theres another one but I forgot the name of it Justin: So you like slower songs other than fast and pop songs eh? Taylor: Yepperdoo- I mean yep... why do you say eh a lot? Justin: I'm from Canada... and what were you going to say before you said yep? Taylor: Something that me and my 8 year old sister made up Justin: What is it? Taylor:**mumbles**Yepperdoodle Justin: What was that Taylor: Yepperdoodle Justin: Aw that's cute I have no idea why but I started blushing... is it because I am actually being complemented by a guy that's not family or friend and not being hit or cut for once? I guess he noticed that I was blushing. Justin: Are you blushing? Taylor: Lets just say that I don't get complemented very often Justin: Why you are beautiful Taylor: Thanks but the last time I heard I was beautiful that wasn't from a family member was about a year and a half ago GOD I HATE JOHN!!!!!! I know you aren't supposed to hate anyone but if you get everything take a way from you got beaten and cute by a guy who said he was doing it because he loved you then you would hate him to Justin: Well that ridiculous... I guess I will have to be the person to make up for that year and a half Taylor: Aw that's sweet but you don't-** my cell phone started to ring, I looked at the caller I.D. and it was uncle sam... I mean Scooter** Sorry I have to take this Justin: I understand He said as he just stood the... man he is so sweet **Phone convo... T: Hey Uncle Sam S: Taylor T: Oh sorry... Uncle Scott S: Tay Really? T: Scoot? S: add the er and then I will tell you why I called T: Ugh fine, way to ruin all the fun... So what's up Scooter? I saw Justin look at me weird... Why was he looking at me like that? He probably realized how ugly I was S: Taylor??? Taylor are you even listening? T: Sorry no I wasn't Scooter can you please repeat that please? S: I said that Heide has gotten you a gig on Monday at noon**its Friday night** T: Okay I will be there End of phone convo** Justin: How do you know Scooter? Taylor: He's my uncle Justin: So your Taylor Braun? Taylor: Ew no I'm Taylor McGrew He's my moms brother Justin: Scooter has a sister Taylor: Yeah well she looks nothing like him because she was adopted and she is also 6 years older Justin: Oh cool... so you want to walk around the garden before we have to head inside? Taylor: Yeah that would be nice We started walking in silence after about 10 minutes I took off my heels and kept walkin. I started to shiver and I am guessing Justin noticed because the next thing I knew I had his jacket around shoulders... Dallas and Juliet would kill me if they found out. Taylor: You didn't have to I was about to take his jacket off when I felt his arm also around my shoulders Justin: But I wanted to Taylor: Thanks Justin: Lets sit We sat down in the grass by the pond face to face Justin: So tell me about your self Taylor: What do you want to know?

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