Justin bieber lovestory [Engelsk!]

En dejlig historie baseret på justin og en pige der finder ud af noget, histioren er engelsk, og ja sæt den på favorit, like, gør hvad du vil med haters gonna hate du ved, vær sød og dele den hvis du vil <3


1. Chapter 1

Taylor's POV: I was in my room looking at the cups and bruises John gave me on my stomach, I can't wait to get as far away from this town that holds too many bad memories that John has given me. I was deep in thought but was brought back to reality when I heard a knock on the door, I quickly pull my shirt down and open my bedroom door. It was Cai, she was the only one that knew what John was doing to me. She rushes in my room closes the door and locks it. Caitlin: "I am so glad mom and dad got your room sound proof right now." She said out of breathe... I guess she was running Me: why what's wrong Cai: I am guessing John found out about you getting a record deal and moving to California because he is pissed and asking every one if they know where you are... Me: Well I am glad we are leaving tomorrow Cai: Yeah me too... hey Tay? Me: Yeah Cai? Cai: Can I sleep in here tonight? Me: Yeah of course**hugs Cai** ???:**knocks on the door then opens it** Hey girls you should be going to sleep soon, I don't want me your dad and Tyler to be the only ones moving the furniture tomorrow... oh and we have that ball to go to tomorrow night remember? Tay and Cai: Yes Uncle Sam**hides their laughter** Uncle Sam: Come on guys do you really have to call me that... hey I know call me the nickname you guys thought of that every one else calls me now... Tay & Cai: Technically we were just asking you to buy use a scooter and you thought we were giving you a new nickname. Scooter(uncle sam): Yeah well every one calls me that now so it is my nickname Tay & Cai: Fine we will call you Scooter from now on Scooter: Thank you... and stop doing that twin thing it creeps me out Tay & Cai: Good night Scooter Scooter: Night girls love you Tay & Cai: Love ya too **Scooter closes the door... Taylor and Caitlin lay out their clothed for tomorrow and then goes to sleep... Skip... here is there house if you want to know what it looks like: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/904-Benedict-Canyon-Dr-Beverly-Hills-CA-902...{scid=hdp-site-map-list-address ** Dallas: Taylor you are the fashion genious can you please help us Taylor: Fine but I get to barrow some of your pearls and your glittery pumps from Nordstrom Dallas: Whatever you want just help me please Taylor: okay I'll help Caitlin:**looking through boxes** do you guys think Scooter will get mad if I wear skinnies and a graphic T? Taylor: How about this Cai, you wear a dress doesn't have to be all that fancy you can wear converse that match it and I will do you hair and accesaries... does that sound good to you? Caitlin: You are a life savor! Dallas: How is she even related to use... I mean we are all girlie girls and she is such a tomboy. Juliet: I know if she didn't look like Tay I would think she is adopted Caitlin: Hey Taylor: Hey if she get sad I get sad and I don't feel like being sad so leave her alone Dallas: Sorry Cai Juliet: Yeah sorry Caitlin: No worries girlies Juliet:**giggles** that rhymed **Skipping, they all got dressed and Taylor is putting the finishing touches on Caitlin** Taylor: and Done! Dallas: OMG Cait you look so gorgeous!!! ???: Yeah yeah you all look pretty now can we go we are going to be late Taylor: Wait Tyler do you honestly think we look pretty? **Taylor: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=34138543  Caitlin: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=34139188  Dallas: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=32404475  Juliet: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=34143287 ** Tyler: UGH fine lets go we are late and the limo is here ** At the ball** Taylor: Heidi said she was going to meet me at the top of the stair's right Dallas: Yep... so Me and Juliet are going to mingle and try to find Nick Jonas for her Juliet: Oh yeah lets go Dalz**pulls her away** Tyler:**smiles dreamily** Mmm Heidi Caitlin: Dude she is like 12 years older than you and I think her and Scooter are secretly dating Tyler: So she's hot ???: Thanks Tyler but that is Caitlin is right about me being older so no stick to girls closer to your age Tyler: Sorry Heidi Heidi: Its okay Tyler Caitlin: Come on Ty let get you some where else so you don't get more heart broken**leaves with Tyler** Heidi: So you ready to meet people Taylor: Yep Taylors POV: I have been here for about 2 hours and I must have talked to every one in this place... so when Heidi was talking to some old person I snuck away and came some how found a hidden garden: If you want to see what the garden looks like look up on google images romantic garden at night. I have been sitting there alone thinking about life in general but mainly if I deserve love and if all guys turn out to be like John when some one spoke in a soft calm voice** ???: Peaceful isn't it

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