the gods of angels

samanther [14] leon [15] jennifer [13} tristen [13 1/2} rosalin [12] bennjiman[14 1/2] all have never met but they play a big part in each others lifes alonge with unepectid enimys.


5. tristen

tristen of the angels human age 13 1/2

ever since i was young my father tout me to fite and proteced and kill the only thing he would ever tell me was that one day a girle would call out to me and if she died or i failed to help her we would all die i did not beleve him untill my wings like his sproted he said i had untill i turned 13 too become fully traned.

i was practaesing in the forest one night ready for my 13 birth day when a girl suddnly apered to me."tristen of the angels i need your help my name is jennifer i have just grone wings and in 6 months time will come for your help wait for a blake fether to apper on your bed then follow the east star to me come priperd for a jerny and ....a war" she left i code not aske a qestion but all i new was she was who i was trained to protect and also i loved her some how...

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