the gods of angels

samanther [14] leon [15] jennifer [13} tristen [13 1/2} rosalin [12] bennjiman[14 1/2] all have never met but they play a big part in each others lifes alonge with unepectid enimys.


7. the meeting

the chosen location was near an old and derliced ruins of a tristen steped onto the temple floor he felt  a waft of air giving him a draft. then he herd it that voice the voice of the girl who told him to meet her here. "this temple is the place people call the angels sanctery,once there was a legend were a group of angels were created to be a key to save the one thing the gods can not protect,the main fate the one who disides the fates of main events in history once one fate dies the world gose out of balence and a new fate must help the gods of angels and the chosen ones to change the fates".


as the voice stoped 5 people apper each looking as shoked as him then he noticed the girl he met in the forest she had longe white hair and had eyes that look like the were shining a goldey brone she was small but he felt still as if he had an old love for her.then she spoke agina."those of you that have wings can show them now because it is safe inside the sanctery and for thouse of you that dont know i am jennifer". tristone and the other  opend there wings exept jennifer had not got butifule white wings she had dark black wings that were large and much bigger than the others two of them had no wings and seemed normal.


"if you woud all step up to me one by one i would be truly great full" asked jennifer in a kind and small voice then she started to call them out one by one."samanther can you step forward and..... everyone else make your self at home". samanther looked worried as she walked towards jennifer.then she took her hands and closed her eyes then arfter a few minutes she spoke." you have the gift of nolige and wisdome" as samanther was confused as she walked back to her stuff."rosaline" then doing the same thing as before she took rosalines hands then."you have the gift of telipathy" walking up one by one they all finaly new there skills...




tristone=protector and worra




that night tristen was walking around the temple when something darted infront of him his defences set in he jumpend on it sending them both tumbling to the ground then he rilised who it was it was jennifer."nice move" he wisperd to her as he got up."not so bad your self" she replide as he helped her up.then stoped he held her close to him and looked into her eyes then there lips met there love and passion flode throw each other as she put her fingers throw his hair.


when she wock they wear still outside but not wereing enything she put her cloths on trasing every but of her body rembering every touch and ecspresion of love that happend that night."good morning jenna" tristone sliply yawnd at her. "get some clothes on" she laphed as she throw his cloths at him.

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