the gods of angels

samanther [14] leon [15] jennifer [13} tristen [13 1/2} rosalin [12] bennjiman[14 1/2] all have never met but they play a big part in each others lifes alonge with unepectid enimys.


2. jennifer

jenifer blany of 13 yaers old

when i was 2 i always found out things about people one touch or look in there eyes and it would flow into my haed when i was 6 i could controlle it helping me at school then at 12 in found new things i could do with it but school ended because my mother started home schooling me.

some thing blake had grwon out back like wings when i turned 13 and at that i could see infomation and names of 5 people i had never met befor but i seemed to know them some how but what i wonted to know was how did i know them...

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