the gods of angels

samanther [14] leon [15] jennifer [13} tristen [13 1/2} rosalin [12] bennjiman[14 1/2] all have never met but they play a big part in each others lifes alonge with unepectid enimys.


4. benjiman

benjiman riply of 14 1/2

i was an unushal child moving from foster pernts to foster pernts because of my gift i code set things a light by a wink of an eye that was said to have happend to my perents who died because of my fiar then at 14 almoat 15 i code controle my gift and i was looked arfter two hipys who travled in vw all there lifes but one night i could hear a girle calling out for help she said her name was samanther  and she kept seeing 5 people and i was one she tride to help me but at the same time wings burst from are backs...

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