the gods of angels

samanther [14] leon [15] jennifer [13} tristen [13 1/2} rosalin [12] bennjiman[14 1/2] all have never met but they play a big part in each others lifes alonge with unepectid enimys.


1. samanther

samanther haertright of 14 years old

when i was 6 years old i was fosterd  by madlin and tony haert right at  10 yaers i was an a star student and moved up 2 grades  at 13 i was in 6 form then this year i leve to go to colage and will be studying maths,englishand sciens.


"sam brecfest is ready hurry up" my foster mother shouted. i woke to feel two lumps on my shoulder blade it felt like extra bone but one thing i did know was it was my holaday and the only person i code talk to was in canada and was bisy working i looked in the miror to see to white things moving around and geting biger and biger i code feel them persing my skin "your brecfest is on the table we are going out see you tonight"my foster mum shouted agina then they perst and berst out i scraemed it fellt like some one slashing with a blade and pulling at the same time to. then i saw names of 5 people shouting and shouting then i blanked out...

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