Believe in Dreams

Amy and Steve have just finished college and they want to run a studio. But to run a studio they need lots of money. How are they going to run a studio and sometimes you just have to believe in your dreams.


1. Dreams

I know that Dreams aren't reality but you can make them but to make it come true you need money, time and dedication. So one day when Steve asked me that we could run a studio. I knew you can't just run a studio you need money. We wanted to buy a studio but even the cheapest cost 185,000 and that was just for a normal sized studio. Even with all the money I had, including my bank account and parents I could only get 40,000 and I thought that was good. Steve being in a wealthy family and all could fork out 60,000 so in total that was only 100,000 but that was without money to hire people, decorations and all. Steve guessed we need at least 275, 000 in total. That meant we still needed 175,000 and fast. I tried asking all my friends and aunts but they only gave me £800 pounds. I tried earning money buy baby sitting for a weeks.

But baby sitting was harder then what it seems. I earned another £200 pounds from baby sitting but that's when a idea sprang in my head taking a loan. I went to the bank and asked for a loan they said I could take up to 20,000 pounds. I sighed I thought they could give me more money but I just nodded my head. In total we had 121,000 then luckily Steve took a loan and he got out 50,000. I was cross he got more of a loan then me but then he had more money. We raided our purses and bags and in total we got 172,000 pounds.

But that wasn't enough for a small studio and we needed a big one if we were going to have a business. I told Steve that we didn't have enough money and do you know what he did. He shook me and repeated we are going to make this work we can't give up. I'm trying not to give up but sometimes I feel like I should just give up. I know wishing on a star and dreaming is not going to make something come true. But, today night I wished hard that we could run a studio with success on a star. But I guess there's a difference between dreaming and reality.

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