Katherine Ravencry is the changeling child of a sixteenth century king and a beautiful queen of a powerful immortal race. Despite the powerful blood that runs through her veins, Katherine is not important. Until her father is murdered and the civil war breaks out. Katherine discovers that she does, in fact, have a purpose in life that is more than being betrothed to a powerful nobleman. She must fulfill her destiny. Else everyone that she loves will be in danger.


9. The Beginning


I greet Death with a smile.

Well, why not? Caspian's breath is raspy now and I can tell that he is very, very close to completely losing his seemingly cool and collected attitude. I know that he is only acting serene for my sake, and I feel quite deceitful for prolonging this, prolonging my brother's fear. But I need to act at just the right moment – neither too early and, obviously, not too late. The excitable crowd have gathered here for drama. So I shall give them just that.

The men are two metres away from us now. Close, but not close enough.

“I love you Katherine,” Caspian says. “When I was younger, I used to wish that I had a brother instead of you. But you are one of the most talented sword fighters that I have ever met and I feel very privileged to have been the first to encourage you to carry on fighting.”

“Caspian, you have got to trust me now, okay?” I say.

He laughed sadly. “Oh Katherine, you really are something, aren't you? No matter how witty you are, we will never get out of this mess.”

“I said to trust me. Do you trust me?” I say, impatient now.

“Yes, yes,” I can imagine him rolling his eyes. “Of course I trust you.”

“Good,” I say. “Now this might burn just a little bit.”


I call fire to me and set alight to the rope that binds me to the stake. I quickly extinguish it before the actual stake is caught. I then, with as small movements as I can muster, I burn through Caspian's rope and then shut it off.

“Stay still until I say so.”


The priest orders the men to torch the mound of wood. The magnificent flames roar as they creep up towards my feet.

Katherine,” Caspian hisses.

“Not yet,” I say, concentrating on the fire.

I stand up and the crowd gasps. I stretch my arms to the sides and then throw them upwards. The fire shoots up around me and Caspian. I grab my brother's hand and with the other, I make a slicing motion which cuts through the fire. I make sure that it is a large enough gap for us to get through without being burned and then:

“Jump!” I shout.

We shoot through the gap and the moment that our feet hit the ground, we do what I do best.

We run.


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