Forever Young

It all started on a Saturday night, where Katie a 17 year old girl celebrates her birthday clubbing with her best friend Spencer. But things didnt turn out what she expected them to be. Her best friend got too drunk, she passed out unconsciously. Katie couldn't drag her out alone, she was heavy. Looking at the first guy she could spot. She asked if he could help her carry her friend outside the bar...... Read to see what happens :D


1. How it all started

** Katie's Pov **

It was just another Saturday night, staying alone at home.
When i suddenly hear my phone ring, i pick up the phone and see the caller was my best friend Spencer.

Me: Hey Spence

Spencer: What are you doing lately?

Me: Nothing, why?

Spencer: Wanna go to a club?

Me: Umm i dont know, i dont feel like it...

Spencer: Oh come will be fun

Me: Mmm ok

Spencer: ok i will come and pick you up from there in half an hour, ok?

Me: Umm ok

I ended up the call, and made my way to my closet. I grabbed my self a pair of jeans and a red tank top to wear. I made my hair into a pony tail and added
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