Maybe It's Meant To Be

When tragedy strikes, People seem to notice what's meant to be.


1. The Concert.

"Damn, Calm down." Said Megan to her bestfriend, Nicole. They were walking to their seats. "HOW CAN YOU CALM DOWN! WE ARE ABOUT TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!" They were in the front row because they had won tickets earlier that morning on the radio station. "Well I mean, they're just normal kids." Megan said. "They are far from normal, how many normal kids can sing like that?" Said Nicole. "True." Said Megan. The boys walked on stage singing their hit single "What Makes You Beautiful" Megan had never heard so much screaming but she could help but join in a little. She also couldn't keep her eyes off of Harry. Those curls were so attractive, and those dimples! Then she remembered they also had VIP tickets and she really just couldn't wait to meet Harry. She was excited about the other boys too but their was just something special about Harry. After the concert Nicole could barely talk because she had screamed so much. Although Megan liked One Direction, Nicole had been like the biggest fan ever. They made their way to the VIP line and were in the very back. "Well this is gonna take forever." Said Megan but either girls really seemed to care. They were actually going to meet One Direction.
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