Maybe It's Meant To Be

When tragedy strikes, People seem to notice what's meant to be.


2. Save my number?

Megan and Nicole were next to meet the boys. "Okay I'm really nervous" said Nicole. "I know the feeling... When we go in will you please atleast try and act calm in front of the boys?" Said Megan. "Please," Nicole laughed. "I know what I'm doing." One of the security guards told them they could go in the room. Harry and Louis were throwing a ball back and forth and Zayn, Liam , and Niall were sitting on a red leather couch. Zayn was first to get up and started talking to the girls but Megan 
was completely zoned out and watching Harry and Louis. Harry turned around and made eye contact with Megan for a good 3 or 4 seconds and then smiled. Megan smiled back as he walked over to her. "Hey" said Harry, the smile never leaving his face. "Hey, You guys did really good tonight" said Megan, the smile never leaving her face either. "Geez Harry, calm down with the goggly eyes" Louis added. Megan blushed and laughed, as Harry did the same. "Look, uh, you guys will have to leave here in a minute. Our Management is really quite strict on these sort of things but, um,  I think I'd like to get to know you a little more." Megan couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Is this a joke?" she asked. Harry smiled again. "Of course it's not a joke, What's your number?" he asked pulling out his phone. Megan stuttered but eventually spit out her number. Her phone vibrated soon after and it was a number she didn't know. She opened it and it said "Hey, it's Harry, Save my number? xx" Megan smiled up at him and said "Yes, I will save your number Harry." he smiled again with those adorable dimples before a security guard told them it was time to leave. They didn't even get time to get pictures. Megan and Nicole walked out after receiving a hug from each of the boys. "How the hell did you manage to get Harry Styles phone number?" Nicole asked. Megan blushed. "I'm not really sure.." "Well whatever it was maybe you should teach me." 
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