Summer Vacation (One Direction)

Audrey Dawson has been told the same thing for as long as she can remember. "You're too good, Audrey. You could never do anything bad."
At the end of senior year, she's finally heard it one too many times. Audrey doesn't want to be known as the goodie girl anymore. So she makes a decision to run away to London for the summer, alongside her two best friends, Bree and Destiny. What happens when Audrey's firt act of rebellion leads to more and more trouble? Especially when you throw a group of pop stars into the mix?


2. Sneaking Out

My suitcase was packed, and I was ready to go. Now all we needed was an escape plan.

"I've gotten out of MY bedroom a thousand times. But yours might be a but more complicated." Destiny admitted.

I looked out my bedroom window, and winced when I pictured one of us dropping out of it. If we did, we would fall straight down and hit the driveway. And that's not exactly the best way to start this adventure.

"I bet Sam would know what to do.." Bree muttered.

I blinked, realizing my slower best friend just had an amazing idea.

Destiny seemed to read my mind, because she grinned, "Let's go ask him, then."

We took our bags and marched across the hall. I didn't bother knocking, and just walked straight into my brother's room.

Sam was sitting in front of his computer, listening to music, and reading his Facebook feed. Personally, I preferred Twitter, but that just shows how different we were.

"Sam!" I said as I ripped his headphones off his head. He jumped in alarm, and sent me a confused look.

"Audrey, what are you doing in my room? Is that your suitcase?" he asked.

"We're sneaking out, and we need your help." Destiny explained quickly.

Sam laughed, "You got my sister to do something bad? Babe, even YOU can't accomplish that."

Oh, ya. Did I forget to mention Sam and Destiny are dating? I still can't believe my brother could date a girl half as amazing as Des, but they've been together for almost two years.

"She's not kidding, Samuel. I'm going to London, and we ate leaving tonight." I said, crossing my arms over my chest. I tried to act confident about my decision, but everyone could easily see right through it.

"You're not only sneaking out, but getting on a plane and flying to London. I never thought I'd see the day." Sam teased.

"Can you just shut up and help us?"

My twin brother smirked, and motioned for us to come to the window. I peered down, and realized that Sam had created an easy exit for himself.

"Okay, so just go down that way, and I'll cover for you." Sam said.

"You'll cover for me? Just like that?" I questioned.

"Well, ya. I mean, Destiny's my girl, and your my sister. My TWIN sister, whom I'm usually ashamed of."

I rolled my eyes as Destiny kissed him, before she climbed out the window. Bree quickly followed her, which just left me.

"Are you sure about this?" Sam asked me.

"I'm not sure." I admitted, "But I've got to."

Sam suddenly hugged me, and I hugged him back.

"Stay safe." he whispered.

"I'll be back in mid September." I promised.

We both pulled away, and I hopped out the window. I landed on the top of the garage with a soft bump, and then lowered myself onto the garbage bin.

Once I was on the ground, Destiny and Breelinked their arms with either of mine, and we got into the waiting cab.


I grabbed my bag out of the compartment and followed Destiny out of the plane.

"Okay, now what?" I asked.

"I don't know. Bree was in charge of getting the hotel." Destiny said, "B, what hotel are we staying at?"

"What hotel?"

Destiny and I's eyes widened. No...hotel?

"I knew this was a bad idea!" I cried, "When's the next flight back to New York?!"

"Calm down, Audrey. Remember: you promised to do everything we said, right?" Bree reminded.

I nodded and followed Destiny and Bree outside. The airport was crowded, and it didn't take long to lose my best friends.

"Bree?! Des?!" I called, but I recieved no answer.

I stumbled put of the crowd, and started walking through an alleyway. I don't like alleyways; they freak me out. So I tried to get to the end as fast as I could.

Suddenly, a group of about 4 men stepped in my way, "'Ello, beautiful." one of them smirked.

I gasped and turned around on my heels, but two more were coming up behind me.

"Hey, don't run. We just wanna have some fun." the same guy said. I guess he's the leader.

"Leave me alone." I said in a shaky voice.

"Aw, come on. My boys and I just want to play."

I looked past the men, and saw a pair of guys that looked around my age walking past.

"Help!" I cried, causing them to turn in my direction.

"Hey! What's going on, here?" a voice asked. The men stepped back, revealing a curly haired boy. A taller guy wearing stripes followed closely.

"it's none of your business, pretty boy." the man grunted.

"Leave the girl alone." Curly demanded.

"Or what? Who's going to stop us?"

"I will." Stripes volunteered.

One of the huge burly men suddenly punched Curly in the face, and I screamed. I stomped on his foot and punched him in the gut, causing him to double over. Stripes and Curly grabbed my hands, and started running, pulling me away.

We ran down the street, and the boys pulled me into a hotel. We watched through the window as the large group of men ran past. I let out the breath I'd been holding, and turned to see my rescuers.

The curly haired one was boyishly handsome, with greenish eyes and dimples. The other one looked a bit older, and was about Sam's height. He was cute too, but in a different way. He wore a stripy t shirt and red pants, which was odd.

"Hey, are you alright?" Curly asked.

"Not really." I admitted.

"No doubt." Stripes said.

I nodded, "You don't even know half of it."

"Well, do you know your way home from here?" Curly asked.

"Um, no, actually. It's kind of a long story..."

"We've got time." Stripes said.

"I don't even know you. I mean, thanks for saving me back there, but I really need to find my friends-"

"I'm Harry." Curly said.

"And I'm Louis." Stripes added.

I smiled, "I'm Audrey."

Harry grinned, "Well, Audrey, how about you tell us what happened over a cup of coffee?"
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