One thing About you

Ambers Parents died at the age of sixteen.She was forced to live alone.The olny person she had was Jessica her best friend.She was going to work and finds out that shes going on a vacation to london.They bump into a celebritie the changed there life forever.



Okay people.I have a very important anouncement.I will be deleting this book ( well the chapters) BUT WAIT! only because I made this a long time ago and well let's just say it was very badly written.So i will be starting a new book called "Only if i could" Yes it is a One direction fan fic. Now this book will be updated on Saturdays every week.I am serious about this book.The book itself,The cover,the synopsis and the prologue will be up TOMMOROW!! Go check it out when its ready please.For the last time on this book....



                                                                                                                             XoXo <3

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