One thing About you

Ambers Parents died at the age of sixteen.She was forced to live alone.The olny person she had was Jessica her best friend.She was going to work and finds out that shes going on a vacation to london.They bump into a celebritie the changed there life forever.


1. Authors Note Important!

Hey Guys<3 well i know i haven't been the best author.As you guys can see i improved over time.Not to sound cocky or self centered. But since september my writing strategies have changed and improved in a good way.And well let's get to the point of this authors note.   I want you guys to well comment more.I have only gotten 39 comments or less and i have about 1170 views.I want to know how to improve my writing skills.I want your feedback.Beacause if i don't get any comments how can i improve?When you guys comment "Update" It makes me happy,because it's awesome to think people actually take time out of their day to read my fanfic.And it inspires me to write.Well that's it for this.Thanks for reading.Next chapter will be up when i reveive 30 likes.Let's see how motivated my fans are !                                                                                                                                                           Xoxo<3

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