the box

when rowan princess of the lost kingdom realises goradeen is not her true home she is determind to find her fate but where?


1. realisation

i wake up to the sound of the orbs panick why i go to look in the mirror quir=te proud of my apearance even in the morning as i am the only living thing in gordaneea. Every one there eyes black holes skin like quick sand their hair the deadliest black gas,but me flame red hair wild but yet easy to tame,bright green eyes this might sound a bit modest but my skineven more flawless than the aboves wings. I am the only one aloud to wear colour as i sense a new arrival from the orbs panic. So i put on my emrald slanted cut dress and left my hair wild and just to stand out even more i rubbed the poison berries from the canteen on my lips don't worry i'm ammune. but as i strolled out my room wtich i think of as a dungeon my so called mother drags me by my hair and into the throne room. I protect myself when she slams my frale body on the floor as i see she is going to burn me again, i try to shield my face with my hands but suddenly a beam of light almost like fire somehow comes out of me and in her face and that was when i escaped. I am rowan you cant harm me and this is my story my  adventure.

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