Scarred - A mark left by a healed wound, sore or burn.
Well at least that what the dictionary says. I believe it to be something that hasnt healed properly and stays there for life.I dont believe that it has to be from a wound, sore or burn, I believe it can be from anything. I guess thats what makes me so scarred.


1. Just popping round

The grass looked fairly green as I walked past the park. Trees loomed over me like tall men standing to protect me. I always felt safe in my neighbourhood, I could walk with my head up, knowing i neednt worry about a thing. I had never had to worry about things, at least not permenantly, sure I had responsiblities and sometimes I got a little stressed but thats what makes the world go round, right? I turned a corner into the estate, it looked so humble and welcoming, to me, like a second home. To others the sure thought of it would be misery after all old peoples places are always given an immencely bad reputation, ecspecially when you take the opinion from a reluctant-to-move old person. But with flowers budding and hedge rows neatly trimmed, I liked this place - I liked it alot. It gave them a sense of independance because you wouldnt find nurses running about and they each had their own flat. I reached the entrance to the Flats 11-28 block and pressed the button 'Tradesman'. With a buzz I was let in. It was better pressing the tradesman button, for it let me sneak into the block without having to ring to Nan's Flat and tell her to unlock the door. Pressing the 'Flat 11' button would have been like telling someone you have planned them a suprise birthday party, and ruining the suprise. It was never that much of a suprise I was coming because I was always checking in to have a quick chat, but it satisfied me if i could see the beam on her face when her 'Suprise Tradesman' was me.

Before long, I was sitting on the medium pink of the sofa in the living room. Cup of Tea in one hand, chocolate biscuit in the other. Nana was always prepared, feeding me when I wasnt even hungry even bearing little gifts sometimes. "It'al be good to get som meat on your bones, your so thin!" she chirped. "Nan im just sporty its fine!" I chuckled. She sat down in her chair across from me. "So are you excited about dat dance show of yours? I hope I can come your working so hard on it all," her thick Irish accent spoke. "Oh yeah, I have 3 hours of tap dance and extra 2 modern dance on sunday so I cant come round then," "thatll be alright ma dear"

The afternnon went on about events coming up, like we always chat about, Religious studies exam on Wednesday in two weeks time, the dance show and nans movie and scrabble night with the locals. But before long it was time to go. "buhbye then Duck" "See you soon Nan" I spoke as I cuddled her and left to get my bike to cycle home. 'See you soon'. No. No I wouldnt ...

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