Dragons, Unicorns, Revolutions and Music

Little stories/events from my personal life. Includes all of the things listed in the title.


1. A Most Important Place

What's the most important place in my room? Well, it's a toss between my desk and my bed, but because I have a desk bed, I guess they fuse into one.

So, step inside my room, and duck under the bed, there you go. Sit on that chair, yes 'that' chair, the one without the lovely ditsy owl cushion. That's mine, hands off. And look at the black glass desk. Very shiny, and it sparkles in the lamp.

And before I begin writing, let me go through my music, being guarded by a dragon preparing to take off. He will bite your fingers off if you touch it. Hmm, let's look through. Living things, Danger Days (my Daredevils soundtrack!), Brand New Eyes, A Thousand Suns, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, Black Parade and they're the full albums. On my IPod, there's Rise Against and 30 Seconds To Mars.

But for now, think I'll put on Danger Days. Na Na Na Na Na Na... Okay, you don't need to know. Check the clock, surrounded by penguins, and sitting near a multi-coloured lizard. Open up the HP laptop/IPad/Windows Phone, move my sketchpad, plug in my skullcandy headphones (black and gold) and begin typing...
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