Stop Setting Me Up With Your Friends (Completed)

Charlotte/Charly has been best friends with Harry since well....forever! He leaves to audition for x factor in 2010 and she doesnt hear anything for 2 years then he randomly calls her and tries to set her up with Louis. However Charly has always loved Harry, so what does she do when she spends the summer with the One Direction Gang, will she chose Harry, or Louis?


2. You dont owe me nothing

Charlotte's P.O.V

So there i was. Sitting in the lounge thinking about his best friend I kept rethinking my thoughts

'Harry tried to set us up together its got to mean something'

'I know but hes cute i have heard so many amazing things plus he can sing!'

Oh if i look back now the summer seemed to last forever if i had a choice- (it was Harry singing when he was in the White eskimo days'

'Woah your ringtone is Harry?'

'Yea' i picked it up quickly

'Whats up Amy-Louise'

'Can you come pick me and Sarah up from school there was a power outage and we need a ride'

 'Is that Amy-Louise i hear?'Harry exploded with excitement and i held my finger up to silence him

'Im with the guys right now'

'Oh are you? Whats Louis like? Do you like him?'

'Yeah pretty much' i looked at Louis making sure he wasnt hearing my phone conversation

'Could you just come get us?'

'Yeah fine but if your friend has a fangirl moment im kicking her out of the car'

i hung up 'hey do you wanna come with me to pick up my sister and her friend at school?

'Yeah well all go'

Louis looked up at the boys who smiled teasingly 'Alright lets go' Harry jumped up 'Ill drive!' and he ran to his car 'Oh finally got your license'

i looked at Harry who was smiling smugly I climbed in the car first, and Louis squished next to me

'sorry' he said and moved back a little

 'No need' i looked at him shyly and harry took off He sped down the street making sharp turns and screeching to a hault every time there was a stop sign, by the end of the car ride i was practically in Louis lap 'Gosh harry how did you pass the test?' i laughed

'I dunno' he climbed out of the car and opened it on mine and louis side, i fell out of the car hitting the cement hard floor and louis stepped out pulling me up

'Thanks' we both stopped a second and just froze.

Did we just have a moment?

'Um im going to find Amy-Louise so you stay put, i dont want a reason to stay here for 3 hours'

I walked off looking back at the boys squishing back in the car and continued to walk towards the school building

Louis' P.O.V

I looked out the tinted windows and watched her as she ran away

'so what do you think of her?' Harry turned around from the front seat

'Shes pretty cool'

'Shut up you know shes awesome' i looked out the window again not even seeing her

'Shes great Harry but i dont know her'

'So get to know her'

'Im too shy' i shrugged knowing that isn't the problem

'Oh please your playing pre-relationship chicken! Just ask her out!' Harry was being persistant


Charlottes P.O.V


'Hey Charly' i looked behind me 'Amy-Louise and Sarah. Come on lets go' i waved them towards me 'alright im dropping you off at home then im going out please dont kill yourselves!'

'Why? Where are you going?' Sarah ran up and walked next to me 'Shes got some guy friends to hang out with!' Amy-Louise teased 'So what do you think of Louis?' 'Hes great but i met him like half an hour ago' 'Yeah i know but love at first sight is real and can totally happen' i lead them to the car 'You read too many fairytales' i said and opened the car door.

Amy-Louise acted like it was an everyday thing to see 5 talented boys in the car, but Sarah freaked out 'Sarah what did i tell you?' i pushed her into the car and everyone of the had moved places Louis was driving,

Harry was in the back and there was no one in the passenger seat! It seemed like another one of harry's horrible weird little plans July 2009

'Hey come on would you just give him a chance? One dance!' 'Harry i dont wanna dance with him arent YOU supposed to be my date?' it was are schools final dance in late july, Harry was my date but for some reason he thought he wasnt good enough and tried to get me to dance with someone else

'Fine would you like to dance with me?' he held out his hand and i took it 'Of course' he took me onto the dance floor, he spun me around a few times and i found myself in a pair of long arms, but they were harry's it was the boy he was trying to get me to dance with 'harry?' 'Your welcome' harry walked away with a smug look on his face he stuck his hands in his pockets then just left February 2012 I looked at Harry who only had a huge smile on his face, i climbed into the front seat of the car and we drove Amy-Louise home and harry had time to catch up and Sarah was just speechless as the boys talked

'Uh louis?' he was shocked that i was looking back at him

'You might want to keep your eyes on the road were going slow' He laughed 'Sorry love' i laughed Looking at him 'what?' 'Oh nothing' i giggled and turned away, it was oddly silent in the car i turned around everyone was staring at me. 'Harry can i talk to you for a second' I pulled Harry aside for a quick second 'Whats up? liking lou more and more i see?' he teased me again and again

'Harry stop it! i think Louis is amazing and funny we really hit it off but-'

'Whats the but? i knew you guys would hit it off but what?'

'But i want you to stop trying to set me up with your friends'

'Why? Why now?'

'Cause. it never had affected us until now, hes your flat mate if it doesnt work out between us i could lose YOU as a friend, why are you so insistant on setting me up with someone'

'Cause...' he hesitated and flipped his hair back, the world would kill to see his curls or be friends with him like i was 'I left you for 2 years and i feel like im never going to stop owing you and-'

'Harry you don't owe me anything'

'i did it because i love you!'

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