Stop Setting Me Up With Your Friends (Completed)

Charlotte/Charly has been best friends with Harry since well....forever! He leaves to audition for x factor in 2010 and she doesnt hear anything for 2 years then he randomly calls her and tries to set her up with Louis. However Charly has always loved Harry, so what does she do when she spends the summer with the One Direction Gang, will she chose Harry, or Louis?


3. You are a stupid idiot

Charlottes P.O.V

'what do you mean you love me?'

'I mean your the closest friend i have ever had i hope we will always be close but i have always wanted something more' Harry was sweating slightly with nerves 'I thought you werent interested and i didnt want to ruin what we had'

'Harry you are with out a doubt the stupidest idiot i have ever met' i stormed out of the kitchen and im not even sure why, but to think he liked me and didnt say anything he knew i liked him back. Hes the most courageous person on the planet and he was still to chicken to do anything about it; I went back into the living room where everyone was, they had put on the stupidest scare movie i owned 'Scary movie 3 really guys? this movie sucks' i sat down on the couch next to Louis 'You dont like this movie? it was on the shelf marked favs' 'Yeah i watch it when i want to watch a stupid horror' 'Cause thats something normal people do'

louis laughed 'Who say im normal?' i squished up to him as Harry sat down on the other end of the couch, im not sure why i was mad at hi, i just knew i was 'Who says your not?' louis put an arm around me and Harry scowled at us cuddling on the couch, i didnt want him to be mad so i moved away slightly trying not to cross boundaries, but we were watching a scary movie once Scary movie 3 was finished so it was hard, i twitched every time something scary happened so i had my face buried in his chest It was 2 am and Amy-Louise and Sarah were still awake and fawning over Zayn and Liam, and giggled every time Niall said a slightly mis-pronounced word. 'Alright you guys go to bed' i started to push them up the stairs 'Wait!'

'Amy-Louise mum said 11:30 its 2!'

'I know just gimme a second' she bounced around me back over to the couch she gave Harry a quick kiss on the cheek and went upstairs to her room with Sarah, where not even 2 minutes later i could hear Up all night blasting through the door 'Shes great' liam said 'Yeah shes one of my closest friends now, even though were related, i dont know what i would do without her' i sat back on the couch 'so what now?'


Louis p.o.v


Charly snuggled into the couch and i notice Harry throw his arm around her, her face goes from cheery to pissed and ever so obviously she moves out of his reach and towards me, now harry makes a face while running his fingers roughly through his curls and turns back to the tele 'So what now?' Charly laughs trying to hide her annoyance.

I bit my lip, trying to think of something we could do Zayn shoots me a look and we both nod in sync sharing a smile Was that a Zouis moment? 'How about truth or dare?' Zayn says grinning at me reading my exact thoughts 'I second that!' i declare and niall smiles and agrees, Liam nods thoughtfully and Charlotte gives a small thumbs up and approves. The only one who doesnt seem to be enthusiastic is Harry, but we all know how he can get, ill question him about it later, that is if i dont figure it out first 'Right then in a circle' Charly says sliding off the couch and onto the floor, we all slide down and form a not so good circle. I love games like this there so entertaining, maybe if im lucky it will be revealed why harry is so upset through simple questions, lets face it the tommo hates it when people are happy and we will figure it all out! Smiling to myself i plonk down next to Charlotte. I look at Harry and see he is still in a bad mood, why is he so grumpy did i do something? 'Okay who wants to start?' Zayn asks 'Niall?' 'Yeah buddie' Niall exclaims, his eyes scan each of us 'liam' he decides finally 'truth or dare?' 'Truth' 'It it true youve been consistently wearing these boxers?' Niall laughed pointing at some black boxers 'I have 3 pairs! i swear!' We all laugh at his expression even Harry 'Okay then Zayn truth or dare?'

'Dare' Zayn smirks. Of course. Hes our Bradford Bad Boy isnt he?

'I dare you to go down the street and tell the first person you see that they smell funny'

'Easy' Zayn smirks and sprints down to the stairs and heads down, A few minutes later his laugh echoes back into the apartment through the open window, with a click and some clattering footsteps he appears 'Well?' i ask 'It was a little boy i said you smell funny and he had the proudest expression and told me he had been practicing his farts all weekend'

'WHAT! WE COULD HAVE BEEN BEST FRIENDS!' Niall shrieks causing all of us to burst into laughter, well most of us, Harry is thinking deeply, and Charlotte tensed up in my arm and its only now i notice they've been whispering to each other every so often whispered conversation:'I cant believe you didnt tell me this sooner

' 'Alright Nialler your turn' whispered conversation:'I didnt want to mess everything up okay? i was trying to protect us'

'I pick....ZAYN!' Haha you have to go twice in a row'

whispered conversation:'Protect us? youve done more damage then protecting Harry

'Aw man really Nialler?'

whispered conversation: Look Charly im sorry, please just...just let me take the last to years back..just let me prove to your i still care about you in that way'

'Yeah buddy! Now let me think of a dare...'

whispered conversation: I dont want proof, you've had forever to return my feelings im sorry but no. i...i like louis now' My eyes widened hearing my name What are they going on about

'Niall you need to let me choose truth or dare before you start thinking of questions'

whispered conversation: Charly please....dont do this...please...let me just show you i still...i still...'

'Right sorry Truth or dare?'


'Fine have you ever actually called a fan after getting her number?'

whispered conversation: You still what?

'I cant answer that' zayn said

'Oh mysterious, fine then whos next?'

whispered conversation: I still lov-'

'How about Harry' Charly and Harry both jump apart ad break out of their heated argument, my head snaps away trying to make it look like i wasnt listening thankfully no one noticed

'Me? alright i pick Charly' i feel her tense up so i hug her

'Truth or dare?' 'Dare' she answers instantly

'Dare? Good Charly i dare you to kiss me

' Both of us freeze the boys wolf whistle and chuckle but my eyes meet hers and i realize theyre just as scared and confused as mine

whispered conversation: this is how im going to prove it' i hear harry mumble underneath the cheers Charly squeezes my hand unsure what to do

whispered conversation: oh crap


Charlottes P.O.V

I hesitated trying to send harry a message 'This is crazy why?' he just ignored me i moved towards him still holding tight to louis' hand i sat infront of harry hesitating

'ill prove it to you' he whispered

The minutes our lips made contact i didnt move 'Alright thats enough' liam said I stood up nervously 'uh Harry can i talk to you' i grabbed his arm pulling him to his feet and into the kitchen 'What?' 'What is your problem? You tried to set me up with your friend cause you're not good enough then you dare to kiss me?'

'Charly i said i was sorry if i could take back the two years and have never met the guys im sure it would have been different' 'How would it have been different? i wouldnt want to keep you from your dream you have achieved!'

'if things were different...' his voice started to trail off 'maybe we could have hooked up' 'maybe we could have hooked up? you dont think it could be more?' 'Well i dont know' he refused to let his eyes meet mine 'Alright well why dont you sleep on it and take your buddies with you' i moved towards the living room but turned around at the staircase 'maybe next time you walk back into someones life you wont screw up their feelings' I walked up the stairs pulled out a box of paints - im not great at drawing but i do enjoy messing about with paints, ive won a few awards but i dont wanna say im good at it! Downstairs i heard the door slam shut and shuffled footsteps on the outside, i sat infront of my canvas for hours but nothing ever went onto the wooden framed paper At least not that i clearly remember.

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