Stop Setting Me Up With Your Friends (Completed)

Charlotte/Charly has been best friends with Harry since well....forever! He leaves to audition for x factor in 2010 and she doesnt hear anything for 2 years then he randomly calls her and tries to set her up with Louis. However Charly has always loved Harry, so what does she do when she spends the summer with the One Direction Gang, will she chose Harry, or Louis?


8. Thats why its called a movie right?

Charlottles P.O.V

'This is all your fault' Liam paced around the apartment while i bandaged Louis' nose

'How is it my fault?' i looked over the edge of the couch at his worried face, Niall and Zayn on the other hand are in the fridge

'You! when you showed up and got invoved louis and harry's career went to hell' it went silent

'okay that was an over statement i need to just calmly ask you to go find him i assume he went to Aussie again?

'no he wouldnt go there again'

 'Yeah he wouldnt i think i know where he went, its his other favourite place' Zayn walked to the couch

'i think he went to the US!'

'Thats huge im not going to look everywhere there on the slight change hes there'

'No like New York'

'Okay ill fly there into the city as soon as i fix up louis'

'Ok louis fine go!' Liam motioned me to leave

'Why are you so eager for her to leave?'


'Spit it out'

'i had a nightmare we broke up cause she drove Harry away, i felt awful cause i was mad'

'wait charly i dont think im okay you being alone with harry again' louis looked at me

'I thought you broke up' niall said

'We did' louis answered quickly

'Fine ill go with her' Zayn stepped forward

'Are we going into the city' i looked at zayn

'Nope were going where we filmed Gotta Be You Harry loved it there'

'Alright then'

'So tell me why are you still with Louis? Harry likes you? '

I like him but Louis gives me feelings that i cant explain, but he dumped me'

'but why?'

'Harry and i did something bad...twice.

'FINALLY!' zayn laughed and smiled at me flirtingly

 'What do you mean?'

 'You really havent noticed? Harry has seriously been liking pining over you, his area does things every time he picks up the phone and hears your voice' I tucked my head between my knees laughing a little

'Zayn im confused i just want it to be not complicated between me and harry' he placed his hand on my back

'I know i love Louis and i know that Harry and I arent meant to be friends, i just dont feel that spark that i feel when im with louis, i feel nothing with Harry' i sat up pushing his hand back to the wheel as we pulled onto the driveway that lead me to a place that i had never seen before.

'Then i think you made the right choice Charly' he stopped the car infront of a big fancy gate

'alright lets find harry' Zayn climbed out of the car and walked through the gate, i climbed out too and followed him to the river, we walked up and down continuing the conversation.

Not a curl in site we checked again until we found Harrys necklace sitting by the fire, it was a necklace i have him a long time a go, he wore it under his shirt so people couldn't embarrass him about it, our names engraved into the 14k gold, 'Hes here i know he is'

'Oh hey come with me' Zayn took my hand and i jerked it back on instinct

'oh sorry'

'Its fine take me to the curly haired idiot' i took his hand and he pulled me over to the side of the river.

'Look right over there' he pointed to the other side of the river 'see that bon fire? right next to there we were filming Harry standing by the fire and his jacket burst up into flames' he laughed and then we sat for a while completely forgetting Harry

'We should really find harry' i looked over at Zayn who was still lying on the grass looking at the sunset

'But its so pretty just lie down quickly' Zayn pushed me back on the grass and i just relaxed

'Ive never had the words to say but now im asking you to stay' Zayn sang beautifully to make me stay for a little while longer 'For a little while inside my arms' My eyes flashed open to see Harry standing above and behind us

'HARRY EDWARD STYLES IM GOING TO KILL YOU' i ran to him grabbing his jacket in my arms

'Woah' Zayn pulled me off him and Zayn placed me in a safe distance from Harry

'Charlotte whats your problem?' Harry fixed the collar of his jacket '

My problem? You beat up Louis and ditch us after trying to seduce me?' i ran towards him but Zayn pushed me back 'Im sorry! i just dont understand why you feel that way about Louis!

'You broke his nose!'

'he cracked one of my ribs!'

'Ladies please' Zayn stepped between us

'What are you two doing? Your best friends why do you keep reverting to yelling and screaming, its not good at all your tearing the band apart this is literally the worst nightmare and harry your at the root of it!'

'Zayn this doesnt concern you' Harry screamed at Zayn 'Im trying to help you! Do you want to break up the band that we call a family!'

'No i just want...' he froze avoiding my gaze

'i just want you to know and understand how i fell about you Charly

'Harry i understand i just dont have that feeling that you have to me, i just...i know you to tell for me to match that attraction'

'I know you just as much as you know me, maybe i just bought into the who 'best friends fall inlove' thing, its cute'

'I dont im sorry Harry' i stepped away picking up my belongings

'come on Zayn' zayn moved towards the car

'Harry come on'

'Okay we dont have 3 seats together so its 2 and 1, im sitting by myself so you two need to spend time together' Zayn moved to the back of the plane and harry motioned for me to go into the front row. i slid in and settled by the window placing my headphones in my ears ignoring harry as much as i could


'Hey charlotte you cant ignore me forever, we need to talk' Harry nudged my side knocking my headphones out my ears 'Theres nothing to talk about, we had sex which was wrong, louis broke up with me cause of it, you broke his nose, he cracked your rib cake you tried to seduce me and then you ran away leaving me broken' i squished one head phone back in my ear

'Charlotte, i wish i could tell you my feelings arent real but i cant'

'Theres no way you can look passed it?'

'I wish'

'Okay the car should be in lot 4 section a!' Zayn shouted

'ill meet you there'

Harry and i exited the plane

'Theres press here we should get out'

'Do you think anyone saw me im getting tired of getting tweeted about relationships

'I dont think so wheres Zayn?' Harry looked for Zayn, then my phone buzzed in my pocket at first i ignored it then i was curious '@charly95_1d whats this i see in the london airport you and @Harry_Styles?' below was a picture taken seconds ago

'Uh harry' i grabbed his shoulder


'What are we going to do'

'I dont know do people think were together?' Harry and i were silent, before either of us could say anything Zayn appeared and drove us to Louis and Harry's house, i walked inside leaving Harry in the car talking with Zayn, i walked through the apartment leaving my suitcase outside the kitchen

'There are no words to pain a picture of you girl your eyes those curls its like your from another world' Louis voice rang through the apartment i turned the door hearing him even louder 'you walk in my way oh god its so frustrating so why do i disappear when you come near me it makes me feel so....OH MY GOD!' Louis jumped as he saw me in the doorway and he clutched his chest

'Oh my god you scared me' he kissed me on the cheek

'i thought you werent going to be home til tonight' 'What were you doing'

'I was practicing'

'for what?'

'i was going to sing to you i just wanted it to be perfect' he smiled

'Aw lou i thought you didnt love me anymore'

'Who said i ever stopped?' louis took my face and kissed me

'i missed you'


Harry's P.O.V

 Charlotte picked up her small suitcase in one hand and my keys in the other, not a single doubt in my mind she was going back in there to make up with louis, ill be alone with cars while they have loud obnoxious sex all night

'Zayn wait i need to talk to you'

'Vas Happenin' buddy?'

'I need help' i whined

'With what? Your harry styles you can do anything'

'seriously zayn i need to not....' i stopped thinking what i was going to say would be ridiculous

'Not what?'

'not love Charly the way i do, its not normal, i close my eyes there she is i hear a song it reminds me of her, i sing a song it reminds me of her, i met a fan i think shes great but i think of Charlotte, its frustrating she doesn't love me back' '

Harry i dunno what to tell you mate, you gotta feel what you gotta feel, its not something you can control'

'Wow great advice' i walked over to the front of the house and sat on the ground by the door hearing happy shrieks from Charlotte and Louis in the apartment, it makes me want to vomit

'Zayn you know i mean you were going to propose to a girl at 17! should i call liam?

 'I think all you need to do is just move on, Harry its clearly not going to work between you two, so i'd say its time to screw another lightbulb'

Zayn smiled at me big 'Come on wanna go to the pub?' Zayn held out his hand pulled me to my feet.

'Why is life so complicated, i wish it was like a disney movie, love at first sight then they got married' i sighed climbing back in the car

'Yeah but thats why its called a movie right?'

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