Stop Setting Me Up With Your Friends (Completed)

Charlotte/Charly has been best friends with Harry since well....forever! He leaves to audition for x factor in 2010 and she doesnt hear anything for 2 years then he randomly calls her and tries to set her up with Louis. However Charly has always loved Harry, so what does she do when she spends the summer with the One Direction Gang, will she chose Harry, or Louis?


6. 'Our Home'

Charlottes P.O.V

I rounded the corner of 'Our Home' for the third time today

'Lou i dont think hes here' i said on the phone

'Are you sure?'

'I dont know ive been here a while now and im just not sure'

LOU ITS TIME! LETS GO' Niall screamed at Louis in the back

'Charly gotta go talk later'

'Wait lou' 'Yeah?'

'I uh... i love you'

'Love you too' even through the phone i could see his smile, maybe we were becoming a couple, i put my phone in my back pocket

'So you love him?' harry stood not 10 feet away from me 'i figured it would happen soon enough' harry chuckled 'Harry where in the world have you been?' 'Here i...i needed some time alone'

'So you left for a different country 21 hours away and you dont even tell us where you are?'

'You found me didnt you? im sorry i over reacted i knew you and lou would be good together i just wanted to go back to the last place our relationship made sense'

'I know but harry you cant run to the past because the future is scary' i took his hand 'things like this are going to happen your going to want to run away but you cant they cant do it without you, there not one direction without you, your fans need you and...'

'And what?'

'I need you'


Louis P.O.V

'I need you' Charlottes muffled voice was like a stab in the gut, i knew the rules of attraction i knew that love is just a soulless cow waiting to yank the carpet from underneath you, now i just dont know much but the one thing i do is that love, love hurts all who've touched her jealous roots. maybe im thinking into it too much

'Lou come one' niall took the phone from my hand and shoved it into his pocket, liam pulled me into the interview room where there was a camera man and an interviewer

'Welcome boys so how are you adjusting to--' ill admit i zoned out for most of it till she mentioned Charlotte 'Yeah so you recently re-connected with Harry's childhood best friend? i hear there may be a little something going on between you too louis?' 'Yeah Louis and charlotte are dating lets leave it at that' liam was trying to protect us from the public but the interviewer kept digging deeper

'So do you love this girl?'

'I would say yes i do, i'd like to think we spend more than that a relationship together' i smiled

Charlottes P.O.V

'i just mean that your needed at home this is our summer spot not full time home'

'Yeah i know and we will go but cant we cross the bridge before we get there'

harry began giving me a begging face 'What do you mean?'

'Lets have fun today and go tomorrow?' harry pulled me onto the balcony above the harbour

'No harry were not going to...' i looked over the edge into the deep blue water, then at Harry

'what are you doing?' Harry was stripping and about to climb over the edge 'Come on weve done it before' 'Yeah but why naked?'

'Underwear aint naked come on its just like when were little only less scary'

'Harry i dont think its safe, what if-' before i could keep talking Harry had ripped the dress of my back

'Come on!' 'Harry!'

'Charly!' he laughed at me

'its now or never'

'Fine' i smiled and climbed over the side

'i cant believe im doing this' 'Come on it will be fun' harry kissed me on the cheek 'on three. 1 2 3'

Suddenly there was a cold rush of water running through my body as my naked side made contact with the water 'That was fun' harry swam over to me and took me in his arms Harry and i just floated while laughing

'Charly i know that you dont want to be with me but...' .But nothing harry i love you as my best friend and i always will, thats never going to change' i just started at harrys green eyes



'Dont hate me for doing thing'

'Doing what?' i laughed but was interrupted by harrys cold lips pressing into mine

'Harry' i whispered through the kisses

'we shouldnt'

'Who cares' harry got a bit more intense kissing me on the neck still floating in the water, i moved slightly but harry clung to me.

'Harry im dating your best friend please ' Harry pulled me out of the water and we laid on the balcony the door locked 'Louis doesnt have to find out' harry kept moving forward determined to get all the way. i pushed him aside and picked up my dress 'where are you doing?' 'To the hotel room' i pulled my dress on and unlocked the door I always thought of myself as the only girl in the world who didnt want to hook up with Harry. I stood infront of the bed flipping through songs on my ipod, a pair of hand wrapped around my shivering body, and harry pushed his hips up against my back 'Harry' i shook my head at him but turned around and met his eyeline, his beautiful green eyes.

He pressed his lips into mine but instead of meeting him with a kiss i pushed him onto the bed jumping beside him I never thought i would see the day' harry laughed 'Ive seen you naked before' i kissed him again I laughed staring into his green eyes, within minutes my dress was off on the ground 'Harry i cant' i moved away slightly 'i dont think i can do this with you' 'Why not now's as a good a time as any' harry laughed and pulled me into his arms if i new anything about harry, he would have his way with me...and boy did harry get everything he wanted that night. I turned on the hot water hoping to wash away my mistake 'Morning beautiful' 'Harry were leaving for home tonight' 'Okay as long as were together' 'Harry last night was a mistake, we tell louis nothing'

'Charlotte we both no that hooking up last night wasnt a mistake'

'I love Louis i dont think you understand that i dont want to lose what we have'

'If you love Lou then why did you sleep with me?

'Harry i...i dont know' i started to feel tears coming up

'Charly im tired of this, why are you constantly feeling like you should be with anyone but me?'

'Harry i love you but not in that way, im sorry i cant'

'Why not!' harry screamed about to start crying himself.

'Because its not how our story continues'

'Your saying this is the end for us?' Harry sniffled

'No im saying its still just the beginning of our story, but i dont want it to be the end for me and Louis'

'I have to get out of here' Harry stormed out

'Harry wait' he turned around and pulled me back into the room, this time it was rather salty kissing him as both of us were crying, i wasnt fully dressed so within a few minutes we were going at it like squirrels 'Harry?' i breathed ashamed 'Yeah?'

'Do you think this is going to ruin our friendship?'


'That wasnt the answer i was looking for' we laughed for a second

'i think the only choice is to pretend this never happened and go back to the part where out friendship worked and we cant tell Louis'

'Do you think that'll work, Louis needs to know everything he is nosy and it will come out eventually'

'I know ill let him down easily, its gonna kill him'

'good luck' i pulled the sheet out of the bed 'we should go catch a flight tonight'

'Alright let me shower again' i laughed to myself

'Okay when we get home we tell louis' harry and i walked down the hall that connected the plane to the airport

 'Louis!' Louis was standing just outside smiling like an idiot in love. I ran to him and he ran to me, in the head of the moment we slammed together falling to the ground as people gave us dirty looks 'aww i missed you babe' Louis gave me a kiss but it didnt feel right Oh now i remember, harry stood above us shaking his head 'great job telling him' harry whispered as he helped us up 'Shut up' i whispered back 'HEY GUYS!' Suddenly i was toppled on by the rest of one direction 'Charlotte i need to talk to you' Niall pulled me aside 'Great to see you too Niall' i laughed not realizing the seriousness of what he was going to say 'Okay listen this might be weird to you but Louis confessed his love for you in the interview so you guys need to play up your relationship' 'What do you mean' 'Well you know how your already a super annoying couple, and i know your going through stuff like harry but i need you to act like its more than that' 'Im not a very good actor' 'Dont worry Larry is played up for the cameras too'

'Did you tell louis?'

'Dont worry about it' niall trotted away leaving me confused i walked over to lou and he put an arm around me 'lets go!' we got into the car and i snuggled into louis chest. Harry sat next to us in the car at ome at the fancy restaurant we went to that night in London. Me and Lou walked to Louis house and sat down before Louis smashed his lips into mine 'CHARLY SERIOUSLY!' Harry stood a few feet away holding his keys 'i thought you were going to tell him!' 'Wait tell me what?' louis moved 'Nothing' 'No its not nothing, Charlotte and i slept together' Louis eyes widened and he ran into his apartment leaving me alone with Harry

'Harry our relationship will never be the same' i followed Louis into his apartment

'Louis?' i looked in his room he was sitting on his bed he had loosened his tie and taken off his jacket

'Why would you cheat on me?....and with harry?

'I dont know, i wasnt thinking it was just in the moment i wasnt thinking i guess thats what happens when you shut off your brain for a day'

'But why with Harry? hes OUR bestfriend?' Louis was about to burst into tears

'I dont know why i was with Harry we were just in our old house and it all went back to the years before he was famous, Louis, Harry's looking for his special lady-'

'Your a very special lady' Louis said

'But im not yours' i put my hands on the nape of his neck

'im sorry but know that i love you more than i ever could love Harry' I pressed my lips against his for a minute til it all went back for a minute it all went back to the way it was supposed to be but love is a soulless cow!

It would never be that simple.

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