Stop Setting Me Up With Your Friends (Completed)

Charlotte/Charly has been best friends with Harry since well....forever! He leaves to audition for x factor in 2010 and she doesnt hear anything for 2 years then he randomly calls her and tries to set her up with Louis. However Charly has always loved Harry, so what does she do when she spends the summer with the One Direction Gang, will she chose Harry, or Louis?


9. Oh My Gosh, it IS Jealousy

Harry's P.O.V

Zayn danced in his seat next to me blurring my vision of the road

'where should we go? should we call the other boys?

'Yeah why not?' i shrugged Zayn whipped out his phone and dialed Niall quickly

'Hey Nialler you and Liam get off your asses and meet us at the pub in town NOW!' he hung up the phone before Niall could respond

 'Your enthusiastic' i chuckled as i pulled up infront of a club me and charlotte use to go to together

'Hey you made it' i whirled my chair and spilled the rim of my glass

'Yeah we did, two please' Niall held up 2 fingers and i notice liams hand curled around Nialls but

'if only danielle knew' i thought

'Louis? Charlotte?' great my night was not going to be as smooth as i thought, Charlotte and louis strolled up to us with their hands locked together, i turned my head and made a vomit towards zayn

'hey can i get another one?' i yelled over the bar and a girl handed me my third of the night.

'Lets go dance' Louis lead Charlotte to the centre of the dance floor where they disappeared while i guzzled down my beer.

'Harry you okay?' niall said

'i mean you ditched us and when you came back the first thing you wanted to do was drink?'

'Yeah im fantastic'

'Are you sur-' liam began but zayn interrupted

'Guys hes fine, doctor zayn is here to cure anything with our boy here' he patted my chest


Charlottes P.O.V


I watched from the dancefloor as harry sucked down another beer



'Im worried about harry' Louis dragged me away from the crowd and to the side '

dont worry he'll get over it' he smiled

'Im worried he wont'

'Dont worry' louis kissed the top of my head

'now do you wanna go back with the guys or sneak home and eat everything in the fridge before Harry gets home?' i giggled

'lets go' Louis took my hand and lead me out the back Liams p.o.v i looked at harry in his seat

'harry how many have you had' he held up 3 fingers 'six..' hes getting pretty drunk now 'Hes fine just let him have a good time' zayn said 'Niall you wanna go?' i looked over to niall who nodded 'Do you think Harry is okay?'

'No i dont he is losing his mind over another girl i think she needs to go'

'Yeah she cant hang around too much longer shes really going to pull us apart' i felt awful but its true, she couldnt stay around without either breaking Harry or Louis' heart. 'wait you want me to kill her?' niall looked confused 'Oh gosh no, i mean tell her to go home'

'Oh okay' niall smiled and i remembered why i love Danielle!

Charlotte's P.O.V

'Lou where are you taking me' lou pulled me along

'come here' he placed me infront of him and covered my eyes

'okay step foward'

'A Playground? why?'

'Why not?' he smiled big and lead me to the swing set

'I used to come here all the time with harry'

i jumped off the swing landing on my stomach

'Charlotte!' he jumped off and ran to my side.

'Why did i think it was a good idea?'

i laughed Louis laid down next to me.

'why do you like me?'

it was an odd question to ask but im always curious.

'Do you really want me to ask that?'

he laughed 'Whats funny'

'You have sand on your nose' he wiped it off and inched closer You know that moment? before you kiss someone that moment of hesitation? i never got that with louis.


Harry's p.o.v

'Z...ZAYN, i thin i should go hom now' after 8 beers i barely made a sentence. i tapped zayns shoulder but he was distracted by 2 girls infront of him

 'Yeah have fun call me later' zayn said As i pucked out my guys, i stared into the toilet almost forgetting why i came to the pub Knock knock 'you okay?' the door squeaked open with a dark blonde hair and blue eyed girl walked into the door 'Im fine i need to get home'

'Alright lets get you out of here' she helped me to my feet and out to her car

'your harry right? harry styles? 'yeah i am you are?' 'the girl who has been handing you drinks my names Hanna' she laughed 'harry youve got a bit of vomit on your top She helped me into the car and drove me home, i mumbled the words to a few songs to stop the awkward silences but my head pounded everything any noise came from my mouth

'Alright lets get you inside' hanna opened the door and tripped over her own feet both of us hitting the floor 'ow!' she giggled 'you okay harry?'

'I will be once im sober'

'Why dont we get you into bed' she pulled my arm over her shoulder and helped me to my room

'you gunna go okay? i have to get back to work'

'Hanna what are we doing? were both attracted to eachother were both drunk, well half of us why dont we have a good time?'

'I think thats the beer talking' she giggled and stood up

'Your laugh is cute' i smiled at her

'Thanks im sure you'd be cute too if you werent about to vomit all over yourself' she slipped away through my bedroom door without a goodbye, but i did accomplish something, i havent thought of Charlotte since she left.

Charlottes P.O.V

'Lou that was really fun, im glad we can do stuff like that' 'me too' he pressed his soft lips against mine, inside it was too quiet with nothing with a few coats on the ground

'Did Harry bring a girl here?'

i never though of this, getting jealous and worried about Harry

'Oh no he was puking in my bar so i brought him home' a medium height blonde girl with blue eyes walked out 'i hope thats okay, im hanna' she smiled at us and louis waved back

'wait... you must be charlotte, yeah i know you well nice to meet you guys but i gotta get back' she shuffled out the door and into the driveway then she was gone It wasnt a feeling i could understand really, it wasnt hated it was more....jealousy

Yeah thats the word Jealousy.....Oh my gosh it IS jealousy!

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