Stop Setting Me Up With Your Friends (Completed)

Charlotte/Charly has been best friends with Harry since well....forever! He leaves to audition for x factor in 2010 and she doesnt hear anything for 2 years then he randomly calls her and tries to set her up with Louis. However Charly has always loved Harry, so what does she do when she spends the summer with the One Direction Gang, will she chose Harry, or Louis?


10. I wanna Marry This girl

Charlottes P.O.V

'You okay?' Louis voice snapped me out of my thoughts

'Uh yeah im fine' i moved towards the couch but before i sat down i walked to the door

'actually ill call you tomorrow Amy-Louise is home for a couple of weeks so i should be with her' i walked out slamming it behind me, i wanted to get home before the waterworks came, i wasnt sure why but i knew they were coming.

'Hey charly why are you home?'

'Nothing Amy-Louise....just nothing' i dropped my stuff went to the kitchen taking as much food as my frail arms could carry i bought it up and stored it in the cabinets in my studio. Its going to be a long night.

Louis' P.O.V

I sat on the couch fiddling with parts of my hair flipping through the channels. Harry came out of his room ,it was 6:30 so i didnt think he would be up till late and i couldnt sleep without Charlotte next to me

'What happened last night?' harry moaned

'You brought some girl home and didnt sleep with her Charlotte got jealous and left' it sounded petty the way i said it but i couldnt help and be a little frustrated with him and Charlotte too, but i cant stay made at her.

'Seriously? i dont remember'

'Yeah you got drunk at the bat and this girl named Hannah took you home'

'She sounds cute tell me about her'

'no harry i cant take this anymore


'You. You taking girls home without telling me, getting drunk and passing out, why didnt you tell me you and charlotte werent on speaking terms'

'Cause i... i like her Lou its hard for me

' 'Yeah i know' i stood up and put my jacket on

'Harry i cant. Im moving out!'


Amy-Louises P.o.v

'Oi' Sarah waved her hand infront of my face

'Sorry what?'

'I said Charlottes been up there for a while wanna check on her?'

The phone rang in my ear causing me to jump i was worried about my sister so i was a little jumpier than normal 'Hello?'


'No its Amy-Louise, i can get her if you want' it was Liam i wonder what he wanted i ran up the stairs and into her colourful studio looks like she has been painting it

'Go away Amy-Louise im busy!'

'No its Liam' i held out her phone and she swipped it away

'Hey Charlotte i need to talk to you, um i dont know how to say it over the phone'

'Fine come down here we can talk in person okay? bye' she tossed me the phone

'close the door on your way out'

Liams p.o.v

'Okay so charly react how ever your want to' i talked as niall walked through the door of her studio, she scrubbed the paint off her fingers with a cloth

'Talk to me' she smiled throwing the cloth in the sink

'Um we think your relationship with Louis is causing us as a band to fall apart with no Larry we barely have anything' 'Thats not true you have millions of girl fans who adore you'

'Yeah but its not just because of that harrys been acting really mean to any fan he sees were losing them Charlotte, the only way to not make that happen is for you to stop dating louis'

'Wait so your ruining mine and louis' happiness just so harry wont scare the fans away? Liam gotta say thats like a class one asshole move right there'

'Im sorry but its true'

'Get out of my house! Niall leave the food' Niall dropped the bag of crisps and left and i him slowly

'Im really sorry' i closed the door behind me

'that was the worst conversation i have ever had with anyone'

'You did what had to be done'

Charlottes P.O.V

I paced around the room angrily. Harry was an ass Liam and Niall dont want me to date Louis Louis likes me I cant live without him

'Hey lou got time to talk?' i held my phone to my ear with one hand while painting with another

 'Yeah whats up?' 'Liam has ended our relationship well tried to at least'


 'no he thinks ill break up the band if we stay together'

'So! we will see each other in secret'

'Are you serious how will we do that' i laughed

'Wait you dont think we actually should do you?

'Well?' i was torn i had to chose, My dream guy and a boyfriend in secret or no louis at all 'i mean if we cant see each other i can never be at your house you live with harry'

'About that...i kinda told him i wanted to move out'

'NO! louis if we want to make our relationship secret you need to keep living with harry since ill be out of the picture, you shouldnt really have much to worry about'

'I dont no charlotte i cant sleep unless your next to me it doesnt feel right'

 'Aw you cant sleep without my sleeptalking?' 

'its those things that are annoying i miss it'

'Why dont you come over i need some company'

'Shes upstairs' Amylouise said from the front door and then louis feet stomping up the stairs

'Hey charly' louis came across the room

'you left harrys face in that one'

'No i didnt' i smiled his face was scratched out 'what should we do? i love you too much to leave'

 'I feel the same but if we keep seeing eachother harry will be worse and then liam and Niall will get management involved' 'i guess its a little weird i have to admit, but if it means i can still be with you its worth it'

'i have to admit two years ago i would never even imagined that at 18 years old we would be sneaking around to see a famous boy i have known in person for not even 3 months'

'Charly, ive been hearing things about you over the phone for 2 years, i know you just as well as you know me and that is not a surprise'

'I love you lou'

'I love you to Charly' Ill admit the next few weeks were hard, luckily they were recording now so i didnt have to follow them on tour, but i wish louis and i could have been a couple in person, they boys were getting along fine and it seemed the problems between me and harry kind of faded away, by month 2 of sneaking around i had enough'

'This sucks' i mumbled

'What sucks? eating a take out from mcdonalds on a rainy day' louis smiled

'No its the fact we cant just be out in public without someone seeing us or getting mobbed'

'Yeah i guess but were together now right?' i nodded and stepped out of the car, the rain poured down on me and i walked are the front of the car trying to shield my head from the falling water, Louis quickly pulled off his jacket and tossed it over my head. 'Thanks' i smiled as he placed his arm around me and took me to my house

Louis' P.O.V

I curled my arm around her neck and pulled her into my chest 'do you like this movie?' i looked down at her finishing off my burger

'Yeah its my favourite movie' she sat up After a few more scenes Charlotte fell asleep in my arms, i carried her upstairs into her room and climbed into the bed next o her 'good night Charly' i placed my arm around her and put my head on the pillow 'Night Lou' she mumbled a smile spread across my face as i thought how i never wanted to be anywhere but here ever again, i dont know how far off from now or even if she'll say yes, but i knew it right there and then

That i want to Marry this girl

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