Stop Setting Me Up With Your Friends (Completed)

Charlotte/Charly has been best friends with Harry since well....forever! He leaves to audition for x factor in 2010 and she doesnt hear anything for 2 years then he randomly calls her and tries to set her up with Louis. However Charly has always loved Harry, so what does she do when she spends the summer with the One Direction Gang, will she chose Harry, or Louis?


12. I panicked...sorry

Louis P.O.V

'Are you sure?'

'Yeah im positive Louis were doing this' she said she was sure but i know there was a hint of doubt in her mind

'louis i just want to have you for my own and thats how i always want to be'

'Alright' i whispered

'Alright? Really?' Charlotte jumped with happiness 'are you sure you wanna settle down at 20?'

'Yeah lets just go get married? we could go into london or find somewhere out in the international waters

'I dont know how about....' 'VEGAS!' i burst out

'You wanna fly to las Vegas to get married?' she giggled

'Why not? i mean us getting married is pretty crazy so why not take it a step further?'

'Are you seriously going to get hitched right now at 3am' Amy-Louise said and startled us both

'How long have you been there'

'Long enough' she skipped down the stairs handing Charlotte the credit card

'If im not marrying lou im glad you are' they both laughed 'congrats' she smiled and went up the stairs 'oh and for the record i dont know that your going to Vegas for a wedding' she said and disappeared into her bedroom, ive always liked her weird way. Charlotte took my hand and cuddled next to me, she fell asleep on the way, the entire flight which gave me alot of time to think about this: i wanted to do it but, i was worried about what the boys would say, what management would do, but i didnt care i just wanted to be with her

'We should call the guys now' i stopped infront of the airport exit 'Lou they will try and stop us' 'Were 10 hours away from them they're too far away to do anything' i smiled at her and she gave me her phone 'Louis where are you guys?' 'Well Charlotte and i are in Vegas right now were going to get married so just wanted to tell you before' 'What! Louis you cant do this!' 'Sorry there is no turning back bye' Charlotte and I hung up laughing

'Alright Mrs. Tomlinson you ready?' 'As ready as ill ever be'

'Okay so three days from now!' Charlotte and i walked out of the wedding chapel unhappily married, we had to apply for a license before anything could happen so we werent allowed by law to get married yet 'GUYS!' Niall Liam and Zayn burst in 'ARE YOU MARRIED YET!?'

'Uh no we have a license which isnt active until 3 days from now'

'Oh thank god'

'What? is this so horrible that you had to come from London just to stop us?'

'No its something different' Liam spoke quietly trying to hold back tears

'What is it? is harry okay?' Charlotte was eager to find her answer and was scared when Niall and Zayn burst into tears 'Is Harry alright or is it something else?' oh no i think i know where this is going

'Charly we need to go home' Liam took her arm and lead her off 'Guys where is Harry?' Liam began to tear 'Harry uhh...tried to kill himself' Liam broke onto the floor crying

'What' i could hear the tremble in her voice that she was going to cry 'Charlotte' i took her in my arms and she cried into my shoulder 'Why! Why would he do that!' she screamed/cried at Liam 'he said he couldnt stand the thought of seeing you married to someone else, he said that you were disappearing into the wrong persons home the wrong life' She broke down into my arms again, people would stop and stare at 4 famous boys crying on the floor


Niall's P.O.V


'Mr Styles there here to see you again' My blue eyes were slightly wet , i was always the most emotional out of all the boys when it came to the few times we'd been allowed to see him after....the incident. I have no idea how the boys are so calm, how do they look at those curls in the same way after knowing whats running through his mind.

How did none of us see it coming? With a sharp breath the nurse helped us into the elevator, my eyes flickered over the familiar faces. Liam and Danielle were on the left, her head resting on his shoulder and his arm around her, Even Danielle is stronger than me when it came to seeing Harry like this. Zayn is standing still hiding his emotions, staring blankly down at his phone. Louis and charlotte, so much for getting married, there standing on the opposite sides of the elevator not even looking at each other as if they are total strangers,

There still as lovey dovey as ever and we all know that that some way they will end up togehter, but during these short visits to Harry they act as if they fallen out of love at the risk harry doing something stupid again. As for me, im nervous, i cant help but notice random butterflies in my guy as we approach his room, i dont know why though, it seems like when i had him around all the time i took him for granted now after long periods of separation, he seems more and more dear to me.

Like every time i saw him laugh every time i comforted him, every time we did a twitcam together or pranked the boys or cooked something up or just burst into random fits of laughter. Every one of those small moments replay in my head, and my stomach gets knotty and my chest tightens, i begin to shake slightly and its so odd!

Then the elevator pings open, Zayn shoves his phone in his pockets and Liam and Danielle take deep breaths as they start out, Louis and Charlotte shoot each other glances before nodding, i follow danielle and liam, but i hear the two of them murmuring behind

'I still love you' lou whispers

'I still love you too but dont show it, for Harry'

They both sigh and i steal a quick look catching Louis kissing her forehead gently with a deep breath the two of them shove their hands in their pockets and separate walking away from eachother. I return my gaze to the blue door. The nurse hesitates just as our group come to a stop '

As the physiological doctor has told you before attempt... was based on romantic feelings towards this young lady' she motions to charlotte and offers a sad smile Her gaze switches to Louis and how awkward the two of them look 'i suppose this is your boyfriend correct?'

'I guess' louis mumbled 'but i got no clue anymore'

'Right well a quick reminder, Charlotte, Harry has made an improvement since the last visit and we believe he can be released soon, he is mentally much better and stable but more depressive lately, but any signs of romance between you and Mr. Tomlinson could trigger suicidal thoughts again we ask you to refrain from interacting got it?'

They both nod 'Very well, Mr.Styles will see you now' The first thing i see is his curls. laying in bed, staring at the ceiling his breathing is like a pant, heavy and rushed, hes frowning ever so slightly he is in jeans and a plain t-shirt, his green eyes seem to have darkened and loads of colour in his face has gone, the shadows deepening and making him look even weaker.

Slight beads of sweat oh his hair-line and his curls are messy, gosh he looks beautiful....did i just think that!? As the sound of the door opening Harrys head tilts slightly, our eyes immediately meet and that same crackle of electricity suddenly rushes through me again, why am i acting like this? its so off...yet at the same familiar, and i cant help but how much i missed Harry. 'Mr Styles you have company' the nurse said and motions to Dani me Liam Niall Louis and Zayn. He nods weakly Its still silent in the room

'Well' he finally breaks the tension 'are you idiots just going to stand there or come over and hug me?' And for the first time in two months since the accident and the 'wedding' since all of the drama he smiles, not a fake one its a oh im fine. A genuine beautiful Harry smile. where his face radiates happiness with his dimples just pop out. Danielle and Liam are first to tackle him

'Harry! Oh my gosh are you okay?!' Danielle screams covering his cheek in kisses and being the sweet girl she is, fixing his shirt and making his curls look neater. Liam gives him a bear hug which he returns. 'Missed you man' he mumbles and Liam grins Zayn is next

'How have you been Holmes Chapel Homie?' He jokes

'Not too good my bradford bad boy, but loads better, they say i can get out in a week' harry slaps him high five

'REALLY!' Zayn shrieks Louis walks up slowly

'Hey harry' he says in a whisper 'Hey Boo Bear i missed you' Taken back by his friendly attitude he raises an eyebrow

' did?'

'Of course' Harry admits

'you know i still love you man, even if you did hook up with my best friend although i can only blame myself i did set you up'

'H-Harry? Your not mad?' louis stutters Harry sighs

'i guess i was for a while but since i have been here they have helped i guess its about time to take in what the doctors told me. Forgive and Forget!'

'ARE YOU ON SOMETHING' Louis asks looking at Harry with adoration

'No' harry admits 'im seriously i totally freaked, im sorry' Louis wrapped his arms around Harry and hugged him tightly Through these many hellos and thank goodness you okay, i noticed harry hadnt been completely honest with Louis, he was still mad 'Harry?'

Louis stepped aside to reveal the once bubbly and charming girl we know as Charlotte, she was worried about his reaction 'Hey Charly come here' charlotte moved towards harry 'i know its just as hard for you as it was for me but im living by my new motto to forgive and forget'

'Your just saying that' 'Well i do mean it, im listening to my therapist for once' we both giggled

'So your not mad?' charlotte questioned Harry swallowed

'no im not i should be happy for you'

'It would mean the world to me if you saw me get married' after a few minutes of happy tears the inevitable emotions boiled over!

'Cant ANYONE see hes really high right now? Hes clearly upset i mean look at him!' my hand clamped over my mouth Liam and danielle both looked at me

 'H-Harry is that true?' Harry flushed dark red and dropped Charlottes hand and his heart rate began beeping faster 'harry whats wrong?' 'Okay it seems to be his temper in a way that can affect his heart rate causes unusually painful memories and you all need to leave the room' the nurse said Charlotte held louis hand tightly 'what the hell did i tell you two i said dont be nice or be a couple, this is what i was talking about' the nurse shut Harrys door

'He'll be fine just wait a few weeks before you come and visit again' Zayn followed the nurse to the desk 'Sir im sorry but because of all the troubles we may need to keep him a few more weeks' Being in the elevator was like none of us had ever spoken before,

Zayn was stiff and sniffled to himself, Liam and Dani an awkward distance apart, Louis and Charlotte had taken their original spots like before 'Im so mad right now i cant even explain' Liam spoke only to the air, Charlotte and Louis were lost in thoughts 'Sorry its just...' 'Dont give me the were too inlove speech youd better have a good reason for leaving us to get married in Vegas which im still not okay with!' 'Its because' Louis shook his head

'Charlottes pregnant'

Charlottes P.O.V

'What the hell was that telling everyone im having a baby'

'i panicked sorry'

'Well we cant tell them that im not now they'll kill us both, louis cant we just have a normal relationship with normal things that happen not my best friend trying to kill themselves or me pretending to be pregnant' i burst into tears My life is a rollercoaster of never ending plot twists!

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